Managing Miscommunication Workshop*

I attended the Managing Miscommunication Workshop with Eric Villarama a few weeks ago, and found it really interesting and helpful, both for corporate and personal settings. I don't want to keep the learnings to myself, and so I thought of seeking my SD Karen's help, to cascade it among the College Group members of SJA parish. I asked Eric for the presentation materials and became the workshop facilitator this time.

If you must know, I like teaching, and I'm confident that I have the gift for it. And if I can give a 12k worth of workshop to church kids for free, why effin' not? Based from the feedback & the glitters I saw in their eyes, I guess I did pretty well =)
My facilitator, Eric, and wife Donita @ Dusit Thani
Yep, I'm the fat zebra =p
One thing I made sure, NO DULL MOMENTS!


  1. hi dang!

    I'm pretty sure everyone from CG enjoyed and appreciated the workshop ! including me! I couldnt thank you enough for the generosity to share the knowledge!


  2. @ pixelgraffiti: Anytime sis, I enjoyed as much =) Learning is always a 2-way process, I gained so much from the kids & the workshop too =)


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