Review: Ilog Maria Organic Products

I promised a review on this sooner, but I needed at least 2 weeks to test and re-test them before I give my verdict. Here’s my take on the following organic products I bought from Ilog Maria Bee Farm in Silang, Cavite, shared in my blogs and at Kikay Exchange.


Removes chemical build up from commercial shampoos, soothes dry and itchy scalp, and promotes hair growth.

No bubbles will form on the first use; this, accordingly, is a sign that the natural shampoo is reacting with all the grime and chemicals that are stuck in our hair and scalp. I dye my hair, thus, I needed to apply and rinse the shampoo three times before I finally saw some bubbles. I used two sliced Calamansi to condition my hair afterwards. (recommended in the package)

LIKES: I have a mild case of dermatitis, which makes my oil glands hyperactive, affecting my scalp. For the first time, after ages of searching for the perfect clarifying shampoo, I think I found the one! I’ve never felt my scalp so light, clean, and relieved. I loved the minty feel, makes me think of getting a hair spa. =)

· refreshing minty feel
· leaves hair and scalp seriously clean & itch-free
· removes chemical build up
· Very affordable @ Php 77.00 per 50 ml

DISLIKES: The only down side is that, despite using calamansi as a natural conditioner, softness of hair does not compare to the commercial conditioners I love. And they haven’t introduced an organic conditioner yet. =(

OVERALL VERDICT: 8 out of 10. Will use this 2 times a week.


Soothes dry, chapped and bleeding lips while keeping it moisturized.

First few use made my lips peel so much, assuming it’s a “renewing effect”, I just wiped off excess skin with damp tissue and reapply. True enough, after a few days, peeling was lessened, but did not completely solve it.
LIKES: Minty feel on your lips, good base for lipstick, and a safe feeling that while you accidentally consume some of your balm, you’re sure it’s organic.

DISLIKES: I don’t like how it tastes, not bad, but a bit weird. I’d rather go for an unflavored one.

OVERALL VERDICT: Better than commercial balms like Chapstick, Nivea and the likes, but not an outstanding one. I have a more homework to do. 6 out of 10.


Royal Jelly with fruits and flowers essence, is known to delay skin ageing and soothes dry, tired skin and keeps it elastic.

I tried too many moisturizers in the market, but haven’t found my match. From the super expensive to the downright cheap. My skin is so prone to acne, that it breaks out after a few application. So I’m left with no choice but skip the moisturizing part of the evening beauty ritual. Naturally, I’m hesitant to try an oil based moisturizer, but my acne soap made my skin so dry and itchy, that I decided to give the RJ face oil a try.
LIKES: EVERYTHING. I felt the effect the morning after the first application. My skin is smoother to touch and feels tighter, in a good way. All the dry, itchy spots on my face are gone, and no hint of breakouts! I could have cried in joy! =)

· Makes skin smooth, silky and tighter
· Removes the itchy, flaky spots brought about by anti-acne soap
· No breakouts at all! (oohlala!)
· Reasonably priced at Php 121.00 per 25 ml (a little goes a long way)

DISLIKES: Not actually a dislike, but a preference. I’m not big on flowery scents, which this oil has =p But no big a deal. A bit oily, but I learned to apply just the right amount, and everything is fine =)

OVERALL VERDICT: Simply FANTASTIC. Even my mom loved it too! 9.5 out of 10. Will use it from now on!