Three Birds in One Stone =)


I feel blessed today. I may not be as adrenaline-filled as I used to be (my previous job was a nerve-wracking PR Consultant), but I think of my current situation more of a blessing & opportunity to do MORE. I need activities to relieve stress and pour out excess energy, and I don't like wasting time doing nothing (massage sessions exempted! =p).

And so, since my current job is fixed and work-life balance friendly, I decided to venture into a small scale business. For the love of fashion & beauty, UrbanPosh was born.

Now, mere three months later, I'm so excited, all the more proud, to sell something that supports one of the most important & consistent advocacy I have: Green Campaign.

Starting today, I'm introducing Venus & Mars All Organic Skin Treats in my online shop. Not only will these beautify women, it'll also preserve our precious Earth. So how did I hit three birds?


I didn't know I can mix them up so well!

To my One True Creator, all the Glory are Yours!


  1. congrats on your organic business sis! =) I know you'll hit big soon! Can't wait for all your plans to become feasible =) Goodluck!

  2. Congrats on your organic business sis! I know you'll make it big soon! Can't wait for all your plans to come to life =) goodluck!

  3. @ Pixelgraffiti: Thanks sis, your encouragement means a lot =)


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