Learning from the Trykman

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I hate Friday mornings, for the lone reason that traffic authorities have invented the dreadful CODING. If I have enough money, I'll buy a spare car, no matter how old & rusty, as long as it can transport me to work during Fridays. Or a bike maybe?

It's always a struggle to walk to the village entrance, wait for a tricycle to arrive, walk to the FX/van terminal, (or worse walk to bus terminal again when there's an MMDA "colorum" operation), get off, ride a jeepney, and walk some more, before I finally reach my office lobby. If Philippines is a cooler, or less polluted country, then maybe, I'd walk to office & happily burn some calories.

Going back, during the bumpy tricycle ride, I noticed something written on the tryk windshield which says:

"Lazy hands makes men poor, but deligent hands makes a wealth"

Sure, grammar is bad, but looking at the driver, I saw an old, diligent man, who struggles to earn. Yet he remained positive, and even writes a reminder to get him through the difficult day.

I felt ashamed, and inggrata once again. I complain too much, I give in to negativity, and I have terrible moodswings. I know I'm starting to sound like a witchbrat here, but what better way to improve but to admit that I may have been a terrible baboon?
Neurochiq's note to self:
Everyday is a learning opportunity, and today, I got a dose, from the old tryk driver.
Taking the public transport isn't bad after all!

Happy & meaningful weekend, dearies!


  1. that's okay, sis. our mean streak helps us out sometimes.. :) at least i think it does for me. :)

    get the maybelline blush instead to achieve the glow look. :)

  2. @ Shen: I actually like myself better when I'm mean, or at least mean looking, saves me time on explaining myself to please everyone ;-P

    I'll try the Maybelline blush, or maybe an MMU blush from your store, sis =D


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