Neurochiq's Biggest Loser Challenge - DAY 1

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In 8 weeks, I'll be hitting Bora & Kota Kinabalu beach during a 7-day vacay. I should be dying in excitement by now! The problem is, I don't feel my best, because I feel heavy, LITERALLY.
I came from a family where people my age were mostly stick-thin towers. I stand at 5 feet 4 inches (tall enough for Filipinas), but not enough to stand side by side with my 5'7-5'9 female cousins. I was also never skinny like them; modesty aside, I was often described as voluptuous, or shapely. Blame it on my genes, which blessed me with porn star hips (lol) & bottom even as a teenager. Sure, I was insecure before, because unlike my cousins, I'm not the supermodel type.
But growing up, I realized that girls with more mass are actually attractive, and not everyone looks that good in jeans. *wink* Until a few years ago, when I joined the corporate world and started gaining weight like crazy. Due to the fact that I am blessed with mass & shape, gaining weight automatically made me look F-A-T.
To cut the story short, I am currently on my HEAVIEST weight of ALL TIME. And it's making me uncomfortable already. My ankles hurt more often now when I play badminton, I get tired easily, and I had to buy new sets of jeans! Based from my photos, some may say I'm just OVER REACTING, "maarte" or just too VAIN. But to each is her own, and I want myself to be confident, comfortable, presentable, happy and most importantly, HEALTHY.

Without further ado, I am now launching my very own BIGGEST LOSER challenge. No competition but MYSELF. I will be posting my updates weekly until my September vacation, and real figures will shamelessly be posted too!
Basic rules are:
1. No crash dieting (which I often do!)
2. No diet pills
3. Exercising & healthy eating are MUSTS
4. Definitely no surgeries! (as if I can afford a liposuction =p)

Why am I posting this? Because blogging gives me the avenue to share my thoughts, my aspirations, and even my frustrations. This will also motivate me to attain my goal, so that you can strangle me to death for wasting your time if ever I failed, whehe. Seriously, I'm actually hoping for some love & support, from whomever who would like to share my story. Your success stories are welcome too!

The Neurochiq's Biggest Loser Challenge, officially starts TODAY.


  1. You can do that Dang. Am thinking of joining you in this challenge. =)

  2. wag na kasi magHot fudge and fries.


  3. Bora & Kota Kinabalu beach sounds FAB!! I am so jealous.. Good luck on the Biggest Loser challenge! I've gained 10 lbs since graduating last year myself. =X

  4. @ Niño: hey! nice hearing from you =) You actually inspired me with your weight loss, tara, join the challenge =)

    @ Pel: Okay, just nuggets for now! =p

    @ Amanda: Thanks for the support, dearie =) Hopefully, I've attained my goal before hitting the beaches =D

    PS: You don't look 10 lbs. heavier at all!

  5. Go sis! We have 2 months before hitting Kota! :D

  6. @ teeyah: Argh, spell PRESSURE! =p


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