Product Review: Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea

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They say all cancer starts in the COLON, I guess there's some truth to that. Tons of preservatives and chemicals from all the processed food and synthetic drugs we consume, STAYS and ROTS inside our body. Colon walls serves as their haven.

But as much as I'm worried about my health, I'm just too addicted to fast food chains, chips, instant meals, carbonated drinks and sugary treats. My mind is willing but my body is weak! And so, my former boss who's "living green" or had gone organic, suggested this cleansing product to me. Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea - an ALL ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL liquid mixture that accordingly flushes out the toxins out of our body, and therefore heals us from different illnesses and even helps maintain healthy weight and clear skin. (Now we're talking!)

Well, I just finished the bottle last weekend, and I'm ready to give my verdict to another Go Green! find of mine.

LIKES : After taking it for consecutive weekends, I noticed that my poo breaks became more regular and consistent. No more guessing! You really need to allocate at least half of your weekends, since you take it after dinner and you'll feel the need to go in 5-10 hours. Take note, you may have to move 2 to 4 times the next morning. But believe me, the CLEAN and LIGHT feeling afterwards is all worth it! Plus, it's all organic, so your body is spared from all the side effects of artificial laxatives. It cleans your colon walls and from hundreds of reviews & claims, it has healing effects from simple skin ailments to the dreaded BIG C. My personal experience? Relief from digestive problems & constipation. =)

DISLIKES : I didn't like the taste , which is of similar smell (and maybe taste) with Betadine! It may help to eat something sweet or salty after drinking your tea. And it's also a bit pricey for common fellows @ Php 1,500 per bottle. Oh BTW, This can't also be transported easily, since it is organic, it has to remain frozen to avoid spoilage. So best is to bring a cooler, pick up your tea & head home to freeze it. Life span is only until 3 months I think, so always check the label =)

OVERALL VERDICT: 9 out of 10, if you can deal with the taste, then by all means take this instead of over the counter laxatives.

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