The Search for the Puuurfect Smile!

I'm an envious b*tch. I swear I can give up all my shoes and go barefoot for that perfect set of teeth. Sadly, I wasn't as lucky as some babes out there who were blessed with the nicest pearls in their mouth. Thank goodness for the genes!

For me, teeth are as important as the skin, that is why I'm willing to spend, and undergo painful procedures to get that perfect smile =,D

I recently endured 3 consecutive, 2-hour dental sessions to replace all my mercury filled silver amalgams to new fillings that match my natural tooth color. But to my dismay, my dentist told me I need to have my impacted wisdom teeth (yes, 2 of them!) removed already, because it already pushed the other sound teeth and thus, caused misalignment.
Yes, it'll be painful, and i have to go under the knife twice since they can't remove both at the same time. And worse is, I need to wear braces for at least TWO LONG YEARS. Argh. It's very expensive, very painful, and two years is just tooooo long. HELP!

I'm having the first bastard removed tomorrow, so I ate my favorite burger for lunch, munched some sinful onion rings and will hit the gym later because after the operation, it'll be no more than a week of cold porridge. The only consuelo de bobo? I may lose some weight *woot*

Oh BTW, just want to share that I think I'm in love! My eyes were glued on the TV last night because of him =)

Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester of Supernatural

I guess he will be my company during my 3 day vacay. =) See you all after the operation!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. ouch! goodluck with the operation, that sounds painful! but girl, time flies very fast and soon enough, all the "impacted impaktos" will be gone for life :D

  2. Goodluck! :) I endured my stupid operation and ate ice cream and soup and champorado for three days. I also camped out in front of my TV and laptop and well, it was FUN! :)

    Oh and played darts, too. :)

  3. owh..we are in the same boat. im gonna remove mine after my Bali trip. which is end of the year then putting on braces! im now thinkin of wat colors of braces shld i put on!crazy

    yes, it is way to expensive but jz like wat u said. we want the perfect front tooth, got way misalign now. n i look like hamster!

  4. @ Nikki: Thank you dear, you're right, I know this will be over in a few hours =)

    @ Teeyah: Thinking of ice cream keeps me motivated =p

    @Kavukz: Goodluck to us babe! No pain, no gain, no vain =D

    Thanks for the love ladies =)


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