UPDATE01: The NeuroChiq's Biggest Loser Challenge (week1)

Last night, I bravely took my stats, and as promised, is shamelessly sharing it to you. Better start your laughing engine. =p

My measurements 2-3 years ago:
Height: 5'4
Average Weight: 120 lbs.
Lightest Weight: 111 lbs.
Vital Stats: 34-27-38

My measures as of last night:
Height: 5'4
Average Weight: 135-139 lbs.
Current Weight: 139 lbs.
Vital Stats: 36-32-40

(I told you, porn star hips/bottom, yah?)
And just to satisfy the visual animal in us, and prove that I wasn't exagerrating things, I'm painfully sharing these:



Update on the challenge? I officially enrolled in the gym near my office, and registered on 2 classes.

1. BELLY DANCING (to shape abs/bellies)

2. KICKBOXING (also for some self defense)

I vow to hit the gym thrice a week, on Mondays (together with kickboxing class), Thursdays, and Saturdays (together with Bellydancing class)

And as far as my research and experience with Southbeach diet (where I radically lost 6-8 lbs. in 2 weeks!) is concerned, I decided to stick to LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN diet, and cut sugar AS MUCH AS I CAN. Must you know, I was born with the sweetest tooth. I don't ask for anything from balikbayan relatives other than this sweet, happiness drug. So, goodluck to me! Sigh*

That's it for now, ladies/gents. How about you, what have you done lately to get back into shape? Let me know! Share your story! =)

Much Love,
The Neurochiq


  1. dang super payat mo dun sa before! but it doesn't look like you :(mukhang anorexic. :P

    well goodluck on your challenge. I'll support you all the way. kapag toned down kana, I'll do your photoshoot! =P

    anyways, Lately I've been dieting. staying away from sweets din, but i still take some once in a while. unlike before na icecream palagi! everyday as in! I got addicted eversince we had that sleep over! see ang tagal na nun dba?haha.

    o bsta goodluck. and i'll be looking forward to your updates!

  2. @ Pixelgraffiti: Yup, that's what everyone says, I don't look good when I'm skinny! I don't aim to be super skinny na, especially at our age, just want to shed some pounds, and fats, and get toned =D

    And yeah, been sinful with ice cream too! Thanks for the love, watch out for the updates =P

    PS: I saw you crossing the street, and got a glimpse of your NEW HAIR! =P

  3. Dang,
    Im having the same thing..but natural way..by hiking & running. I cut down party and dinner.

    so far, ppl saw the results. but the bad news. i look tanned.hehe

  4. @ Kavukz: Yep, saw your hiking pic with your BF & some friends. We're working hard for the Kota trip huh? =D

  5. I love eating potato chips and Italian food.. So I've been cutting down on carbs. **cries
    I'm glad you are so motivated.
    Good for you!!

  6. @ Amanda: I can't blame you for loving Italian food, just hearing it makes my tummy growl =p

    I'm slowly going GREEN, and I guess living healthy is a big part of it, and the beach getaway is a big motivation/pressure LOL.

  7. Dang,
    Yup. really need to get in shape. Plus going to KL for my shopping trip soon.

    I don wanna end up frustrating or cryin over no-size-for-u-mam issue!

  8. @ Kavukz: Goodluck on your shopping trip babe! I'll wait for your haul post. Gosh I miss KL =D


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