UPDATE02: The NeuroChiq's Biggest Loser Challenge (week2)

Good Monday morning beauties =D

Just want to share random updates on The Neurochiq's Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm sure you'll agree with me, that it's effin' hard to stick to your diet plan on WEEKENDS!!! For working fellas, weekends spell similar to relaxation, indulgence and self rewards, and that can include, and in my case, ALWAYS include dining out or treating myself to some nice desserts or a pint of ice cream in front of TV.

And yes, I was sinful this weekend =,(

SATURDAY: Attended my friend's baby shower, and though I managed to cut down on the seriously yummy pasta during the party, the calling of some Churros & Dark Chocolate on Frozen Banana (from Churritos of BF Pque) was so hard to resist! Argh!

SUNDAY: DVD marathon with Jeff, and our favorite Coffee Crumble Ice Cream

Because of these, I dragged my fat*ss to go to the gym last Saturday night & this morning before going to work. Yep, I'm sweating @ 7am!

My trainer wants me to do 1.5 hours of cardio! I could have died that moment. LOL. =p But seriously, I'm starting to like this routine. What better way to walk my talk of GOING GREEN, than to live a fit & healthy lifestyle first yeah? Now I have one BIG reason to wake up (and sleep) EARLY! After all, what I do now will matter on how I would look when I'm in my 40s, so better kick my butt & start NOW.

Saving grace is that I found some alternatives to replace my heavy & hefty lunch/snacks in the office the past months. My finds? *woot*

CPK Salads (Half Serving starts @ around 250 & up)
My personal love? Chinese Chicken & Thai Crunchy Salad

Kenny Rogers Healthy Sandwiches (about 115 and up)
Personal fave: Tuna Melt, Cold Chunky Tuna & Roasted Chiken Sandwich. All served in wheatbread.
Watch the fries and the drink, okay?

Bodhi Vegetarian Food
Thanks to this fast food chain, vegetarian cuisine is nearer the mass nowadays, and more affordable too! You can get a full meal with your 100 bucks =)

The wonder of good old OATS
One of the biggest favor you'll do for your heart. Just watch the sugar & milk, and you're good to go.

YOGHURT! *eyes fluttering*

Amen to this sweet&sour treat! This can replace the dessert portion of every meal. Enjoy it in plain & fruity flavors. Make sure to grab the 0% fat version =)

That's it for now. See you very soon lovelies!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

PS: All pics from google


  1. I've personally been living on oatmeal these past few days and I'm getting the hang of it! It feels good to be eating healthy1 :)

  2. @ Teeyah: Yep, after all, we are what we eat =D

  3. Hi budang, been inspired by your blog. For the past week, am trying to be back to my healthy lifestyle.

    Hope it will be a success for all of us.

    I'll update you soon on my activities.

  4. @ Onin: Glad to hear you've been inspired by my blog, would love to hear your activities soon!

    Keep posted! =)


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