Week Recap + My Cuz on Kerygma

Time flew this week, been busy with work, the online store, family errands and with planning my midyear break *woot*woot*
In 3 weeks, i'll be off to Bora with the Sweetie, and some colleagues, but it's just frustrating that we have to rebook our tickets from Manila-Caticlan to Manila-Kalibo because of the current repairing/extension of the Caticlan Airport because of, well, overshooting Zest air craft. darn.

And yeah, it's my first time to go to Bora, and I won't experience the joy of landless travel (sigh*)
But all good, I won't let it dampen my spirit, it's travel, & I won't even mind walking =p
Work has been good too, we submitted our training plan this week, and I'm crossing my fingers to get everything approved. Hopefully, I'll be gracing the Great Wall next year, but that remains to be "hopefully" for now.
And guess what, my dear cousin, Maru, who now lives in Dubai, got herself in the centerpage of the Kerygma Magazine of Bo Sanchez. I literally grew up with the magazine, since our school gives us monthly subscription. As such, Bo Sanchez remains to be my number 1 inspirational writer =)

A gist of my cousin's story, who dared to live beyond her limits:
Maru is an intelligent woman who is declared by medical science as "legally blind".

She was diagnosed with a rare eye disease leaving her with very poor eyesight @ a young age that unfortunately, is incurable as of today. This shattered her dreams of finishing college in the Phils. and lead her to belittle herself, with some hurtful experiences she had in school, even from her own school teachers! But that was before, not until she was called by the Lord to serve. And the rest is an amazing story of transformation. She now works in an Advertising Company in UAE, plays her pink guitar, do inspirational talks, practices photography, serves the SFC community, and lives her colorful life to the fullest!

I'm one PROUD cousin. =)
I'm not sure if the full article is available online, but you can check it in Kerygma'sAugust 2009 issue.
To know more about this inspiring woman, pls. click HERE.

Maru & me in a nail salon during her vacay here, 2008

Here's Maru's photo with the Keryma mag, August 200 issue.

That's it for now ladies, enjoy the LOOONg weekend we all deserve =)

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. congrats to your cousin! That is such a wonderful story, thanks for sharing! Good luck in dealing with your rebooking of your ticket, I always hated dealing with customer service!

  2. @ PC: Thanks Julie, fortunately I didn't have a hard time rebooking our tickets =D So our beach vacation is definitely on!

    Take Care babe, hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. wow! that's a whole page! congats to your cousin, sis and kerygma no less. :) ang galing talaga. :)

  4. @ Shen: Thanks sis, she was really happy to know her story can inspire others never to lose hope, and when I'm all sad & grumpy, I hold on to that idea, too =)

  5. congrats to maru! sayang i never got the chance to met her in person when she visited pinas! di bale next time. regards to her too! I'll find a copy of that kerygma.

  6. @ Karen aka Pixel: Dibale, she will come home again 2010 I think, we plan to go to Palawan =) Let's see what we can arrange =) Thanks for finding that Kerygma copy. Muah*


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