When Failing means I'm Happy

CJ7 movie; photo from google.
I was so inspired by this feel good movie I watched last night, about a poor kid with a great dad & an alien friend who changed their lives in many ways than one =)
*sigh* I'm still a kid at heart. <3
If you ever get to meet me in person, I can assure you that you won't find me sweet, or nice, or friendly. (That's why I'm so glad when some of you, lovelies, think I'm NICE =p)
My aura has always been tough, radical & independent. I'm a Taurus and born in the year of the strongheaded Ox. And being such, "failing" for me, is always out of the question.
2 months ago, I launched a challenge against myself, on getting back to shape, after gaining so much upon entering the corporate world. Now on its 7th week, I'm a few pounds lighter, but still very very far from my goal. In a week's time, I'm hitting Bora and Kota Kinabalu beaches for my midyear break, and yes, I think I failed miserably.
On Saturday night, I'll post the final measures as promised. I'm more surprised than anybody else because I actually failed my goal, and yet I'm smiling right now. Strange, I know. But why?
Here are some reasons I can think of:
1. I have the BIGGEST and the BEST family ever. I may have sacrificed a few more pounds on joining the family dinners, gatherings and outings during my aunt's and cousin's 3- week vacay in the Philippines, but if that means I savored the lost years we should have been together, then hell, I can manage.
2. I have the BEST girl/boyfriends ever. Giving in to our Chocomint Coffee cravings, talks about life & anything in between, and a refreshed feeling after a good weekend, is worth the pounds I never burned in the gym.
3. I have the BEST BF ever (for me, of course=]). A tub of ice cream on DVD marathon days, laughing our worries out over honest to goodness meals, and pigging out on a free buffet we won, are only a few moments I won't regret. The Sweetie even likes me better with mass =D
So yeah, I may have failed, but I'm still happy with the humble pounds I lost, if that means I get to enjoy the company of the people that matters to me most.
Besides, there's always a next time. So ladies, you can strangle me now. =p
Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. Awwwwww. :) That's very brave of you --- accepting failure and moving on. That is very inspiring, too! :) You may have not achieved THAT GOAL, but you sure did try your best. Losing some pounds is never easy. Some people even give up. I am sure you will continue this journey, and with all these people who love you, the journey will be not as bad, right? Cheers! ;)

  2. don't give up on your goal just because you fail this time... you can still do it!

  3. @ Rita: Thanks for the love hun =)

    @ Noelle: Hello fellow Taurus! Yep, I actually take problems very lightly, and this one isn't that bad to be sad about =) I have the best people around me, including you guys, so all good =) 2nd leg of the challenge after my midyear break.

    Take care =)


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