The BF, the BFF and the PIC

**teaser photos added**

Bebe Ranie, Me, Tara & Chris @ Jetty Port, KK.

I miss them already! *sob*

Glamin' up to party!!!

Me,Chris & Tara

Me and the Sweetie @ Bora

(yeah, he always looks mad tehee.)

I'm fat, and heavy, and a strong BF is a must. =p

Hello beauties! I just got back from more than a week of vacay, first with the Sweetie in Boracay, and second with the BFF, Tara, in Kota Kinabalu [where I visited my Malaysian PIC, kavukz]. I can live a life without a posh phone, drive an old car, or give up all vices in the world including alcohol, but never my travels.

My head is still spinning but I needed to drag my a** to work because my mailbox can explode any minute. I missed you so much so I decided to make a quick [and boring] note.

I'll get back to you with stories, MORE MORE photos and a whole lot of the crazy life I have lived the past week.

I promise.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Weeee! I enjoyed it super, BFF!! :D Let'sdo it again!

  2. @ Teeyah: Me too, super happy! we finally fulfilled our dream of an "all girls" travel. Wee* more!

  3. love this!! you look so happy, dang!! more trips to come for you i'm sure. :)

  4. @ Shen: Travelling is my drug of choice; I get so high & I don't mind being broke after because I'm having the best time of my life with my loved ones =D

    Teeyah & I are planning our next one & we promise to save up =D


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