Sad and Thinking...

A scene from the movie, The Cure.

Dexter: Suppose you kept going another 18 billion light years, what if there's nothing out there? Suppose you kept going another trillion times further, so far out you see nothing. The light from the universe would be fainter than the faintest star. Infinitely cold. Infinitely dark. Sometimes if I wake up and it's dark, I get really scared, like I'm out there and I'm never coming back.

Erik: Here, hold onto this when you sleep. And if you wake up and you're scared, you'll say, "Wait a minute. I'm holding Eric's shoe. Why the hell would I be holding some smelly basketball shoe a trillion light years from the universe? I must be here on earth, safe in my sleeping bag, and Eric must be close by."
Have you ever felt so helpless, so lost, and so irrelevant? I did, and I can't even start counting the times.
Isn't it nice that someone, too far from being perfect, in their most unique (even pathetic) way, just let you know, that the world can melt down this very minute, but he's not moving.
Friends. Not everyone is lucky.


  1. I understand. I am in the same boat right now. And I have no one to pull going to the bathroom so I can break down.

  2. @ Teeyah: Awww...I'll email you now. I miss our everyday togetherness BFF, sobra.

  3. everytime i feel sad and lonesome... i just think that nobody cares if i am... so i won't. I'd go stand,do my business and forget how lonesome i am... being an only child i honed the skill to not let anything get into me.. so when i'm with friends, they only know the happy cheerful talkative shen. The fact is, it won't matter unless you make it so.. and if that something hurts a lot, don't make it matter anymore. you're right, not everyone is lucky.. but we have to make our own luck sometimes. :) cheers, sis!

  4. @ Shen: Thanks for the encouraging words, dear =) I agree, something or someone can only affect you IF YOU LET IT no? I usually take things very lightly, I'm rarely emotional [and I've been through a whole LOT], but of course when my bullhead starts to shake and my laughter fades, then it's so nice to know God blessed me with good people around, just like you guys =)

    Take care sweetheart!


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