SLept a Princess, Woke up a Nobody.

It's been a while since I've posted my random (and maybe sometimes, inspirational) thoughts. This blog was born out of my desire to speak my mind; and since I've been very vocal with people around me, I thought shouting my heart to strangers can be more fearless, and will have more impact. Positive or negative is beside the point.

The thing is, though I usually blog about my love for everything that makes & feel people beautiful (in&out), my Green campaign, my Women Empowerment brigade, my love for animals and what have you, the mere act of writing my heart out, is much more liberating for me. Having readers turned friends is more of a bonus, a blessing I really didn't expect at first.

6 years ago, barely of legal age, I hit rock bottom. It's a looong, agonizing story of family pains, more family pains, and well, heartbreaks. If I can summarize everything in a simple line, it would translate to: I slept a princess, and woke up a nobody. I lost all (or almost) important people, and things that/who made my life comfortable for the last 2 decades.

I have piles of sad stories, baggages and skeletons to talk about, but I rather not bore you. After all, I hit rock bottom practically alone, with just few trusted ones as witnesses, and bounced back tougher, meaner and stronger.
I remember Forrest Gump saying this line while running - "My Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on."

And what helped me move on? The Prayer of Jabez.

The Prayer of Jabez : Breaking Through to the Blessed Life is an inspirational book published in 2000 by Bruce Wilkinson as the first book in the "BreakThrough" book series.

It is based on the Old Testament passage 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

"Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that it not be to my sorrow! God granted him that which he requested."

In the book, Wilkinson encourages Christians to invoke this prayer for themselves on a daily basis:
"I challenge you to make the Jabez prayer for blessing part of the daily fabric of your life. To do that, I encourage you to follow unwaveringly the plan outlined here for the next thirty days. By the end of that time, you'll be noticing significant changes in your life, and the prayer will be on its way to becoming a treasured, lifelong habit."

It's been 6 long years, and I have more years to come, more massive problems to encounter. But as long as I have the Faith and Will to move on, and keep running and keep loving, then I fear not.

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. I always have this book within arms' reach because my mom said it will inspire me and it did. She actually bought about 100 pieces of it like 2 years ago for gifts. Ganon sya nainspire :)

  2. @ Teeyah: Yep, this book played a major role in my life, and can you believe who told me about this? Arseniel =) I still do this every single day for years now.

  3. haha! For a while I thought 'Arseniel who?' and then I remembered RC! :D


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