What's with alcohol?

...that some people

-can spend their last penny
-can walk half a kilometer
-can giveup precious beauty sleep
-can pretend it wasn't raining
-can actually believe something bitter can be so sweet?

Under its magical influence, I must say, it's not the alcohol itself;

but the feeling it gives you, the power, the confidence, the freedom.

Alcohol isn't bad after all. You just have to be the master, and never the slave.


Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Of course! Oh I love alcohol, but I will always be the master between the two of us :)

  2. i just love it because its one way to spend time with friends. :)

  3. @ Teeyah: Your the master except when you're stepping on gravel. LOL =p

    @ Shen: That's true! It's the great time & conversation with friends & loved ones that lingers the most =D

  4. OMG hahaha! I gotta admit though that THAT night was fun! :)


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