You can Boil @ 50.

I don't know with you, but I was never scared of growing old, nor am I sensitive about my age like most people. It's even considered rude to ask a woman's age, eh?
But aging for me, is irrelevant, as long as you do it GRACEFULLY.
But not to go beyond superficial, aren't these gorgeous women boiling hot @ (almost) 50?

Kylie Minogue @ 41
After winning over the dreaded Big C, how on earth can she still glow like that?

SATC Girls. Hotness loves company.
Kim Catrall @ 53
SJP @ 44
Cynthia Nixon @ 45
Kristin Davis @ 44
Minus SJP's legs, aren't they flawless? Makes me want to get excited to hit the big 5-0.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. great thing about being filipina...we will never look like 50 unless we're 70! :) wooohooo!!!!

  2. @ Shen: That's true, we Asians are blessed with naturally younger looking skin, and with no/less freckles to boot! Yey!


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