An Angel Needs YOU

As I do my usual rounds in the net, I stumbled upon something I thought I should share with you. This will be a quick post, but I hope you find the time to consider.

The story is about an angel, who has been fighting hard for her life since birth. Her name is Hannah Ysabelle Cordoviz. She's no different than any other babies; playful, always smiling, and a burst of sunshine to her parents, Daddy Carlo & Mommy Joan. She can do a lot of things, like giggle, close-open her hands, and pose beautiful eyes to her guests. Yes, a lot of good things, except one - SHE CAN'T BREATHE. She can hardly breathe when awake, and NOT AT ALL when asleep. She has a very rare syndrome, than only occurs to 1 in a million babies, and it's called Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS. To cut it short, the doctors need to cut a hole in her throat, put a tube and connect it to a respirator, just so she can breathe and stay alive. What is nature for us, is a struggle for her. My heart is breaking as I read about it =,(. How can a fragile baby endure all that?

But Hannah's parents are not giving up, and I hope we can extend a hand to them. They set up an online store for Hannah, which sells rosaries made of semi-precious stones & beads. If you want to visit, pls. click HERE. Every help counts.

To baby Hannah, Daddy Carlo, and Mommy Joan, stay strong, the Lord God won't say no to a little angel. We will be here to pray & support you, as Hannah grows strong, smart and beautiful!

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great weekend ladies! =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Heard about this at the WhyNot forum. I was so sad to know there existed such condition :(

  2. @ Teeyah: Really sad, same as the Sudden Death Syndrome =( It's more unfair that it happens to babies =(

  3. =T That's so sad to hear a baby having those symptoms!!! I know symptoms like this exist but it breaks my heart knowing about a baby who is going through with it... I mean, what did the baby do to deserve such conditions? =T

  4. @ Linda: That's true, it's sad when painful things happen to kids. That's why I really wanted to help by spreading the word, too. Nice to see you here, Linda.

  5. awwww that is soo sad. :( its kinda not fair that these things happen to babies and kiddos but God has His own reasons. Thank you for your comment hun. Yes, I know its her lost and I'm pretty sure deep in her heart she is really sorry about what she did. She just doesn't have the balls to come to me and apologize. but like i said i dont need sorry to hear what u went thru with ur best friend, some people are just naive and stupid.


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