House of Organics' 1st Bazaar

My ever supportive friends/Gamma sisters: Karen, Yhel, me & Tara
(thanks for the photo, SD)

Hello, lovelies! Sorry, I know I've been missing a lot lately because of this. As announced before, I held my FIRST EVER Bazaar experience in Ayala Alabang, which also officially launched my new site - HOUSE of ORGANICS.

Because it was my first time, I was nervous, stressed and soo tired! Thankfully, I have the Sweetie with me 24/7, assuming the role of runner, store rep, personal entertainer, PA, and confidence booster. And I have tons of friends who visited as well! Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of them, but I still want to say my special thanks to these WONDERFUL people in my life, who supported this lil' venture of mine =)

My mom & the Sweetie's mom

My cousins Richard & Kyle

My CVG friends Jaypes & Mitch [with adorable babies Mya and Karl]

My Gamma Sisters: Libay, Cath, Yhel, Tara, Karen & the Boyfies

My Gamma Sisters who didn't make it but still sent their love: Chai & Tel

My Office friends: X, Ina & Gracie

My business partners Jamie, Jessica & Shayne

I love you all to death =)

Have I missed anyone? I'm still trying to keep up with my officemails, and tons of work after my absence...Hmm...

Though the bazaar mood was affected by the recent calamities, the returns weren't bad for a first timer, and this is definitely a relevant step that will start a great business journey. [fingers crossed*]

I'll be back to regular programming before this week ends. Missed you all!

PS: My site is now up and running, though I'm still completing the list of products, photos and descriptions. I hope you can add me up, and get updated with different events and organic goodies that I will offer. Pls. click the HOUSE of ORGANICS logo on the left side of my main page. This is also part of my personal advocate of GOING GREEN! Join me. =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Congrats again sis for a successful first bazaar. Cheers to more! :)

  2. wow! congrats with your new store! hope all's doin well! i'll take a visit right away!

  3. @ Teeyah: Thank you sis, and I appreciate the support =) Muah*

    @ Elsa: Thank you dear, pls. pardon the site, as it's still under construction =)

  4. Congratulations! I wish I dropped by! :(

  5. @ Nina: I still have one more in Rockwell, and my shop is open 24/7 =D Thanks for the love hun <3


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