Never Look Sideways

I'm not in my usual bubbly self lately, and I'm down with a bad flu (thank God it's not H1N1, I was really paranoid from my recent trip), and so I'd rather read other bloggers' posts than make my own, at least for now. And just when I thought Mo Twister's blog is entertaining me to bits, I came across my HS bestfriend's post on feeling bad...or GOOD about yourself. What a wonderful thought! Kudos to Keanne, aka Pixelgraffiti. All credits belong to her, including the nice photo she took when we were in Bohol together last year. =)

Life has been frustrating at the same time depressing for me lately. Most of the people around me are climbing up the corporate ladder, reaching their dreams, doing what they love the most, as if the heavens agrees with them always.

I am caught in this depressing situation over and over. Getting sad, seeing myself on the same 8-5 job. Repetitive at most times. Comparing my life with others, self pity then brush my shoulders off and go.

But last night was different, I knew deep inside me that I should do something about it. So I stopped, inhale, exhale, pondered and prayed. And yes, I know God told me the answer — something to keep me going.

I have the option to just keep it to myself. Keep a grin on my face while other people wonder what I am so happy and motivated about. But I choose to share it through this writing because I want to inspire, to share the positivity, and hopefully you (the reader) can pass it forward. It is true that if we surround ourselves with positive people, we inherit the same positive vibes and see the positive side even in the most smallest of things. Imagine, a world full of positivity? What a lovely world that would be.

Going back, so what keeps me going now? This quote I came up with:

Focus on yourself and look straight forward. Don’t compare and never look sideways. Remember, God has a unique blueprint of you.

True enough that it is easier to see others than to see ourselves. But have you ever thought that God has a unique plan for you? And that we should never compare lives cause they can never be the same? Once we look sideways it will only pull us back and will never bring us forward.

I would like to compare this piece of thought to a horse on a race. You see, the horse finishes the race because it doesn’t see its opponent – the other horses around him. Rather, its vision is focused on the track, gets its feet dirty and runs faster if needed. We should be like horses on a racetrack, to each is his own lane but we all have common goal, to be happy and fulfilled. We may get tired at times, but we only have two options: to stop or keep running. Again, it is easier to stop, give up and reach nothing. But if we keep running, we come closer to the end, and reach them faster. We need to get focused on our own track and and not on others’. Remember, envy is a sin and we should never dwell on it.

Much Love,


  1. yay for not having H1N1! hehe. I totally understand what you mean by stuck in a rut, I got a full time job too and every day it just seems like the same routine. This morning I woke up not knowing what day it is just cuz every week day I do the same thing. Then a while back I started making accessories and going to the gym and it's something different and now I definitely enjoy life in general more... So maybe find something you're passionate about but never had the time to do it and start doing it?

  2. @PC: Hi Julie! Thanks for the inspiring words! =) This entry is actually not mine, but my bestfriend's; but you're totally right on doing what you love! =)

    Good thing that you now see life in a more colorful way! =)

  3. great post! it is an inspiring one! keep the positivity.. and just good vibes! ^_^


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