Just Beat It!

Nope, this is not another tribute to the King of Pop [may he rest in peace], I just borrowed his song title for this entry on how to beat the insane heat we are experiencing in the country these days! I’m sure it’s not just me, who can’t seem to stop sweating, can’t afford to wear denims and couldn’t care less about paying high electricity bills.

It’s 38-ish degree, and El NiƱo is outdoing itself day by day, that the forecast is that we’ll reach 40+ degrees before the month ends. So, how do we beat the heat?

WATER. WATER. WATER. – This is our first line of defense. Our body is about 70% water, and brain is about 80% Wilkins, so you can imagine how dehydration can affect us physiologically and mentally. Mild dehydration causes headache, muscle cramps, fatigue and severe cases of dehydration impairs motor skills, blurs visions, and can eventually cause death. Now that the mighty sun is in the mood to flex its hot muscles upon us, make sure to feed your body the right amount of water it needs. We need at LEAST 8 glasses per day, and coffee, tea and soft drinks are not included, in fact, these are diuretics which enhances dehydration. Good old water is what we need. How to make sure you drink 8 glasses a day? Japanese folks have a health practice wherein they drink 4 glasses of water upon waking up, and accordingly, it not only ensures 50% of the water you need at the onset of the day, but it also helps in constipation, waste elimination and weight management. Now that is something!

SHOW SOME SKIN! – This is the perfect time to tone those muscles and show your tan. Wear breathable clothing, like cotton and linen. No other perfect time to flaunt your floral dresses, flirty shorts and skirts and fun flats with your brightly painted toes. Just remember to always ALWAYS wear sunscreen, minimum of SPF 30 please! Your skin will be grateful and will repay you when you’re 40.

CONSERVE RESOURCES. Not just water, but also electricity. Use a glass when brushing your teeth, a basin when washing the dishes, and your last laundry rinse is good for cleaning your toilet, too. Watch the news and you will see water dams drying up everywhere, and some rotating blackouts, so don’t be stubborn and do your share in conserving electricity. Open up your windows in the morning and let fresh air cool your home, and if you really need to turn on the AC (which I perfectly understand), try to stay in the same room so you only need to use one. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to cuddle! Ahem.
Working gals are not exempted, turning off your computer monitors and lights in the office during lunch breaks will surely cut your consumption in larger ways than you know.

WEAR LIGHT MAKEUP AND OPT FOR SOME COLOGNE. Don’t we all hate it when our makeup starts to melt on us? It makes us look greasy and wrinkly, and worse, a junkie! So if you must wear makeup these days, just remember to go light. Use oil free and water based formula, and if you can, stay away from liquid foundations for now. There are lots of quality powder foundations and the much applauded mineral makeup (I’m a believer, too). A good friend also swore on using BB creams, or tinted moisturizers during hot days. Just remember, less is more. Some powder, a good tinted lip moisturizer and a sweep of blush is all you need to look hot sans the heavy makeup. =) And please, heavily scented perfumes can take a break; citrus, fruity and fresh scented colognes can play the sub.

KEEP A BRIGHT, SUNNY DISPOSITION – Most importantly, if you can’t beat it, then join it…err…figuratively! LOL. If the sun won’t stop blasting us, then SMILE and SHINE back! Stay bright and positive, and don’t let the heat ruin what is supposed to be a beautiful day. Say your morning prayer and pass on positivity to each and every person you meet today.

I hope you find something helpful today, I miss sharing my energy here. I feel giddy because my good friends from Miri and Kota Kinabalu are coming over to visit me and Manila tomorrow, my week will surely be full and crazy, with a weekend Pinay Run commencing it.

Have a great summer, and remember to Just Beat It! =)

Much Love,


  1. easy to try to keep a sunny disposition, but you made me smile with the "show some skin" the photos is showing quite a lot! Are you opting for that look? *whistles* sexy!!! :D naku, super init na 40deg! Ugh!!!!

  2. @ Nikki: Haha, if i have her body and skin, why not??? LOL. Onga, grabe, it's 8am, and it feels like noon! =( Stay safe, sweets!

  3. I usually love leighton meester but she's got too much make up in that picture! I'm staying light make up for spring and summer too :D


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