Of Cakes and Rainbows

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I haven't been blogging for eternity, because as a friend puts it, life sometimes gets in the way. Well, most of the time. Boy, I can't stop thinking how 24 hours a day never seem to be enough. My deskjob has been very demanding lately, with the data migration I've been spearheading, then comes my after office & weekend business, relationships, friends and the never ending errands I have to run. Can someone fly my mom home now?

Moving on, I'm not complaining, I'm not even in a position to ask. Why? Life has been treating me really nicely the past months, and though it's not perfect (and will never be!), I decided to dwell on the positivity and ditch the ranting itch. And whenever I feel that the spoiled, negative and whiny girl inside me starts to get restless, I do the following to beef up with positive energy.

KNOW YOUR VALUES. Get a pen and paper and list down the NON-NEGOTIABLES of your life. FAMILY? CAREER? HEALTH? MONEY? SHOES? COMIC BOOKS? PETS? INTEGRITY? It is only you who can decide what matters most for you, and don't feel obliged to explain to other people why you choose such and such. You will be surprised to see how simple things can make you happy. Valuables are something you can't live without, or you will die trying. You owe nothing to anyone, just yourself. And don't stop yourself if you want to post this on your walls. =)

I COUNT MY BLESSINGS. Cliche? Nope. When was the last time you checked your old photo albums? Try and see how beautiful you have become, how many friends and relatives you have around in every occasion of your life. Or simply stare at yourself in the mirror, have you noticed how shiny your hair is? or maybe how pink your lips are. And don't be guilty if you happen to lost count of your shoes, or bags, or dresses. Each and everything you have, no matter how small, is a blessing, and it only becomes more beautiful when you are grateful. =)

BE A JOY TO OTHERS. When I'm down the drain, and everything feels gray, I text my friends, just to tell them how great a person they are. Or visit a relative and buy my nieces some ice cream. If I can't make myself happy, then might as well give some joy to the world. What goes around comes around. If all of us will do this, then we will bump into happiness in no time. Give more, and you gain more, way beyond any worldly things can offer. =)

LET GO!...of all the negative thoughts, angers, endless worries and envy. Don't waste your time being sad over something you have no control of. Or trapped into anger you had been carrying inside you for years. The more we hold on to our fears, and worries and what nots, the more we build up pseudo problems, and end up aggravating the situation rather than actually acting on it. If you did something stupid, be sorry, LET GO, and just do it again! Everything in this world has mass...so it's time to fill up yourself with goodness, and the only way to do it, is to make some space....by LETTING GO!

I've been seeing endless techniques, journals, articles and countless books on how to be really happy. Observing everything will be very hard so I guess it's a matter of practicing what works for you. And remember, it will not be cakes and rainbows overnight, but today can be a good start. =)

Happy Wednesday, and you have no idea how much I missed you. Cheers to life!

Much Love,


  1. I love your post sis! We are all inspired by our forum yesterday! :D Life gets in the way for sure, but it only gives us reasons to love it even more. I love the tips you gave, definitely uplifting! Mwah mwah! See yah Saturday :) Love, love!

  2. thanks for this post dang...youre right,we should not waste time being sad on things that we dont or cant control,find some alternative or outlet if your sad and made someone happy their smile will somewhat lift your sadness even for a while..whenever i go to church i always give thanks,sometimes i thought to myself,arent they getting too tired of hearing me thanking them..hehe,theres so many things that i am thankful of,i dont know when will it end eh hehe.xoxo

  3. *BIG HUGS* this is a very positive post! I love you for doing this! Such a great come back! I do love looking back at albums and see how many friends I've made through the years, how happy I look through the years and how appreciative I am for the people that comes into our lives.

  4. @ Teeyah: Thanks, sis. Yup, we're all inspired with our wonderful forum =) I enjoyed our Saturday! Ulitin sooon!

    @ Krissy: Thank you, hope you're havinga great, positive week. =)

    @ Shobe: Glad to hear you have endless reasons to thank Him, it just means you're truly blessed and I know why, because you deserve it! Missed yah, Shobe! =)

    @ Nikki: BIH HUGS back to you, sis! Glad to hear from you, you're so sweet and always honest. If there's a positivity award, you're on top of my list! =D

    @ L: Thanks, dear. Followed your new URL. =) Hugs*

  5. I've been having such a crappy few days. I'm really happy I stumbled upon your blog and this post.


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