Run for Something Beautiful

March is women's month, and though I live each of my days celebrating being a woman, I didn't pass on the opportunity to celebrate with my fellow amazing beings by participating in the 5th Pinay in Action All Women's Run.

I'm no expert, and my only experience in running was courtesy of the trusty treadmill; well, I tried jogging in the village court for like two Saturdays, and that's it. But as soon as I received the invite, and realized that it will benefit a handful of cervical cancer warriors, I registered in a jiff.

If I were to tell you two things about me, that would be 1) I CAN'T sleep before 12 midnight and 2) I CAN'T get up before 8AM. Make it three. 3) I'm always late. The run starts at 5:30 AM, so kill me. The Sweets and I dragged my lazy butt to Mall of Asia Grounds and registered half awake. But as soon as I saw hundreds of women in different shapes, colors and nationalities, all wearing bright pink, I knew I wouldn't want to be elsewhere. I signed up for 5KM, and smiled my way to the track. I met some familiar faces, and made friends with some new ones. It was truly a celebration of life and feminity, of health and freedom, of friends and families, and of self discoveries. Who would have thought that this clumsy, sleepyhead can finish 5KM without injury??? *wink*

This won't be my last run.

All fired up to start the run @ 6AM

With my good friend & running bud, Lyza, getting some shade after running for an hour

Some public figures who joined the run -- actress Izza Calzado & Sen. Pia Cayetano
(from left)

That's us, discussing possible tie-ups since we belong to a Pinay Organization in our company.

And before I run, please make sure to take part and cast your vote for the environment in this year's Earth Hour, okay? =)

27 March 2010
8:30-9:30 PM

Running with Much Love,


  1. this looks fun and tiring hehe,ive always wanted to join oj something like this,but i dont know how.haha

  2. Running for a good cause is always best.
    Look at that sea of pink, ang ganda :)

  3. @ Teeyah: Next time let's run together! =) Tapos SPA. LOL. =p

    @ Shobe: It's really fun, sis. I plan to join again, Eco-Marathon naman, friends ko ang organizers, I'll let you know, we can run together! =D

    @ Russ: Yup, running is good enough, but for a worthy cause makes it even better. =D Seriously, the bright pink cheered me up that morning!

  4. Wow. running for a cause that's nice! :)

  5. Wow! It looks like you had lots of fun (despite the 5-km run). I've never attended such events in my life (Baguio is one sleepy town).

    Lots of love,

  6. @ Charry: It was. I'm glad there are lots of cause oriented runs nowadays. =)

    @ Golden: Yes, it was lots of fun, and sweat, too! At least I didn't have to go to the gym anymore. =) If I live in Baguio, climate will make me want to sleep all the time. =D Hugs!

  7. Oh and by the way sis, thanks for following my blog. I just noticed it now. My bad.

    Lots of love,


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