Water, Sand and STARS

Spontaneity is one inherent quality I have. I act and decide without requiring outside influence or approvals most of the time, and it dates back from my pre-school years. I attended a DISC workshop last year [you should try it, too! make sure you get the Eric Villarama session] which finally gave me the reason behind my eternal pursuit for thrill and last minute exploration. Let's just say my nerves are sluggish, and it needs a good a amount of stimulation and stress to wakeup, but when they do, it's sugar rush, and I'll be up, and hyped, and giddy for the next hours, days or even weeks. It's a natural drug.
Belonging to the Dominant chunk explains why I'm an impulsive shopper, obsessive compulsive, control-freak, and sometimes, a stupid daredevil. I onced climbed an unfamiliar mountain for hours, in search for a virgin falls. I have no trekking gears, just an old reebok, water and a camera. We hung our lives on mere vines! I also dream (and WILL try) bungee jumping and anything that can put my life on the line, and you can be sure that I'm not kidding. =) I even wanted to be a news reporter assigned in war stricken Basilan!
But now, after several years from college, with more responsibilities on my plate, my "dream for extremes" took a backseat, and all I can practically do these days are spontaneous travels --- and the latest is a split second beach escape.

One Friday late night:
D: (holding a Bacardi-cola-lemon in a glass) I'm tired, and bored. Let's have a weekend getaway!
J: Err, where?
D: to the beach! (Stood up and asked for the bill)

And we were in Puerto Galera the next morning. If it were a payday Friday, we would have booked a flight and flew to Boracay or CamSur, but I'm spontaneous, not impractical. Besides, my last visit to the island was 3 years ago, and so it's worth visiting again, and boy, it didn't disappoint me at all!
Bright and Sunny
Warm and Cozy
Spontaneous beach trip means I have to buy a new swimsuit from the island shops
Happy Happy Me

In all fairness to their tourism council, there were lots of improvements done. The perimeter walls were defined and cemented (it used to be piles of ugly coco lumber), the shores are much much cleaner than I remember it to be (I've seen trash pickers along the beach every morning), there were lots of bars and restaurants (even Shakey's, Tia Maria's and BTIC --- and they accept credit cards, too), some benches and tents with cute jetski tables, a good addition to their water activities like sand surfing and parasailing (they only offer snorkling, jetski and banana boat before) and the gay performers have discovered a new talent other than mimicking Lady Gaga (it was Pussycat dolls years ago) --- Fire Dancing! The only thing that I found a bit annoying was the endless peddlers, offering massages, accesories, green mangoes, boat rentals, and overpriced peanuts! But aside from that, it's Love.

I was supposed to ask my BFF to come with us, and bring her date, but I know she will be hitting Boracay also a few days after, and since it was really a spur of the moment thing, we spared our friends because they sure have orderly lives than us --- and sadly, a planned vacation is 50% cancelled, yeah?

I'm a water creature, but more than the clear blue seas, offwhite sands, good food, music and entertainment, the most brilliant thing we did was STAR GAZING, and everything that came with it. They were like diamonds in the black velvet sky, and the only thing I hear after the faint bar music, was my heartbeat, not even waves. Cheesy as it may sound, we stayed there, lying on the beach, for hours staring at the heavens, and for the first time in a long while, I felt completely at peace. I was like in trance, I've seen my life for the last few years, and I wondered over and over again, if I did the right choices or have I given back enough goodness in this world. I'm demanding, and whiny, and stubborn, but never was I unkind. And to tell you frankly, I have loads of sad stories and hurtful experiences, that can very well turn me into a heartless monster with my dad leaving, and our family finances in crumbles. But God is so great, and so faithful, that He did the exact opposite. He made me strong, stronger than I ever thought I could be, more responsible, more caring. I found my strength in giving hope to my family --- my mom. And to top it all, He blessed me with SO SO MUCH, that I know I can't just keep it in my closet, and so I pass my blessings to other people.

As I closed my eyes, I literally tapped my left shoulder and whispered "not bad, babe...not bad." The next thing I know, the fire dancing started again.

Trust me, he's happy like that. =)

The infamous Mindoro Sling

If I get to see the beach more often, I'll be happy to endure more hot months to come. Have a great weekend girls, and let's all be inspired and renewed this lenten season.

Much Much Love,



  1. Spontaneity is fun :)
    How's Puerto Galera now? The last time I was there was 5 years ago and all my things were stolen. I haven't gone back.

    Love the swim suit BTW.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. *hug* We have had been getting these fuzzy grateful feelings at the beach I think we should go there more often! :P

    I'm free the weekends of 17th and 24th. I'm really excited for us to go. I would have gone with you and J, BFF, though alone :P i'm darn excited!

    See you later? Mwah mwah!

  3. you are one FUN girl! i can't wait to meet you!!! I love your post you made me relaxed in the middle of "last day of work" !!!! :) Have a wonderful Holy week..end! :)

  4. i like ur new blog layout...
    anyway, i wish i could do something spontaneous like that too... it's so fun and cool!

  5. very nice post <3 jp Ü

  6. @ Russ: In fairness to Gale, it has improved from how I remember it 3 years ago. Not bad. Sorry to hear bout the bad experience, hope it won't happen elsewhere again! Takecare, R. Have a great week, too!

    @ Teeyah: Yup Yup, we should really hit the beach together VERY soon! Muah*

    @ Nikki: Thank hun, you're equally fun, if not more! I can't wait to meet you, too. *HUGS* to you!

    @ Crickette: Why not? =D I'ts nice to go against the tide sometimes, well most of the time! LOL =p Glad you liked the new layout. Cheers! =)

    @ Queen: Thank you. =)

    @ JP: I missed you, Jaypes. Start blogging here na, you have the juice for it!!! Loveyah!

  7. miss u dang.. juice ka jan hehehe mwa! -jp

  8. @ JP: I swear, go blog, bout your books and stories, I'm your no. 1 fan!


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