I may not be the Biggest Fan of Marriage...

but seeing couples in love, and eventually tying the knot, is always whimsical!

Don't crucify me yet, I'm all for love and relationship, and building a family. It's just the usual skeptical, practical me that says I want divorce in this country, or get married in a land where they have one, because that's the least I can do to calm my nerves. I actually think of getting married, half-drunk, in Vegas, or hop to Hawaii and get married in bikinis and linen!!! It excites me to bits, and no, it's not because I want to get divorced the next day when I get sober, but because I'm just the way it is.

I don't want to shut my doors; people change, things change, much like my parents, or other couples, who separated after so many years, and yet remained good friends (and good parents). Some finds new love --- but sadly, can't remarry. Not fair. Again, this is me, and same as you, I'm unique, and is entitled to whatever lunacy my uniqueness brings. Who knows, Vegas or Hawaii is a dream to hold!

And because I'm pro-divorce yet STILL a romantic (it's POSSIBLE!), I helped one of my closest cousins, Chardeeh, to arrange his most awaited marriage proposal to his GF, Kyle. And because he is a conservative guy, he decided
CALERUEGA is the perfect venue. So after a night of working late, and bidding goodbye to my brother who's off to the airport that same morning, we drove to Batangas, with U2 music and a Bulalo stopover in Tagaytay.

The sun was shining mightily over beds of colorful leaves and flowers, a perfect setup if not for the sweltering heat we have nowadays. *Sigh* Chardeeh gave a fake madeup ring of glass and coal, in attempt to make it comic, and conceal his tense, sweaty state -- which I learned later on, took him all night to make from glass cola bottle and "uling" or coal LOL! -- before finally kneeling down to ask for Kyle's hands (with a princess cut diamond ring!) just before the magnificent church's doorstep and the lovely sunset. She gave a bubbly "yes", that we made sure was caught on video. =D

Now, if you'll excuse me, we have a grand wedding to plan, and a lot of laps to run to make sure I fit that fab bridesmaid dress I saw online the other day. Hah!

"A woman of sixty, like a girl of six, runs at the sound of wedding music."
Babylonian Talmud: Jebamoth, 450 B.C.


The Proposal -- soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Kyle Fajardo

Love, Love, Love,
Dang <3


  1. caleruega is our only choice too! we will never see ourselves exchanging our vows somewhere else. Good luck to you! Our's will be next Month and its reaaallly getting on my nerves. :)

  2. @ Lady Joan: Naku, I'm not getting married yet, my cousin is. =) Wow, next month? I can imagine your excitement, congrats to you and the hubby! I'm sure you'll have a lovely wedding, Caleruega is perfect! =)

  3. awww the proposal photo is super cute!!! Congratulations to your cousin and you are too kind Dang for helping! I've been to Caleruega once in my entire life and I can still see the lovely church inside my head


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