Of Family, Dresses and Slippers over Doughnuts

Happy Monday! Pat me on my back, because I SELDOM see Mondays as anything close to happy. But a soulful weekend gave me all the reason to be fresh and sparkling despite getting up early on my least favorite day.

So where have I been? Nowhere really.

A manicure session with my mom, not in a salon, but in our very own veranda.
Have I told you how great she is when it comes to nails?
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A taste of alcohol, after months (or years?) of being fully sober.
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Me and my FEMALE cousins have this notoriously high alcohol tolerance -- not sure if it has something to do with our genes -- that our male cousins, BFs and friends find weird but equally amusing. But amongst us, I got the mojo for liquors instead of beer, which I exercised fully during my haywire drinking days, until I got tired of it and left the glass untouched not until last Friday with my most favorite female cuz, and my cuz-in-law to be. Good times!

Talking about wedding gowns for my cousin's bride-to-be, Kyle, our OWN DRESSES and of course, the W-I-L-D Bridal Shower that I will be spearheading for her!!! The Sweets will plan the Stag Party for the groom, well, let's just see who gets the most fun. LOL.
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Attending the BF's uncle's birthday with everyone telling me how much weight I lost. I can't wipe off my grin until bedtime! And it gave me a license to get another serving of ice cream. *woot*
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And just when we're about to grab some desserts after a satisfying Sunday dinner, we came across this little girl, barefooted, selling sampaguita (flowers for altars) to cars stopping for the red signal. If my heart can explode that moment, then my BF would have been mopping the dashboard for the next hour. I'm wearing heels, and there's no way my gigantic 8.5 sandals will fit this little girl, so the BF drove to the nearest store we can find, and bought this nice pink slippers with rhinestones –- much like a princess -- and headed back to her spot. It fits her like Cinderella, and then we totally forgot about the doughnuts! =p
My weekend was ordinary, far from special nor extravagant, but what made it soulful is the fact that I can find happiness and content in the company of people I love in the most normal instances : mom, family, friends, the Sweetie, who may not become my groom (as we're not sold on getting married as of present), but will surely be the BEST dad if and when the time comes we want kids. I’m feeling loved down to my veins.

I hope you had a great weekend, and if you did, tell me about it! =)

Much Much Love,


  1. What a touching and heartwarming story about the girl and the slippers, thank you for making me smile on a busy Wednesday. God bless you and your bf.

  2. Hi Dea, thanks for your kind words. I hope your Thursday is less hectic! =) I'm enjoying reading your posts right now, and expect more of my visits! =)

  3. continue to be a blessing to every person you meet! you're such an inspiration, cuz! love yah!

  4. aawwwww, you really are heaven sent! Hope there are a lot of people like you. You are truly blessed and will be blessed more because you are a blessing to others. Thanks for inspiring me and the rest of your readers. =)


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