Eat that Frog...NOW!

And if you must eat two, eat the uglier one first.

Though I've eaten frog in real life (my mom is from Pampanga, what can I do?), that's not what I meant. Have you ever been so bombarded with work that sometimes, you spend more time ranting, worrying, being angry and getting frustrated than actually doing something about it?

Early this morning, while I do my usual round of reading my daily blog dose, I stumbled at Mariel's Stop Complaining post. (Thanks, Mariel!) You see, I've been in a lot of work pressure since last year because of some global rollout/migration of the company's data, retroactive circa 90s. Gasp! If you're in the similar industry (legal, info and stuff), you'll understand that this has to be one of the most difficult, draining thing to do that it started haunting me even in my sleep! A year and a half and full time OJTs after, here I am, clean and victorious. But all the stress cannot be undone. Now that I see it out of the box, I've come to realize that yes, it was indeed insanely difficult to handle, but like anything else you wanted, needed or prayed for badly, never impossible.

"Dang, just eat that frog!" says one of my smartest friend. (It's you, Labski!)

Then she started her usual mother-like homily to me about how doing the most difficult task FIRST and NOW, can save me all the trouble and an ugly face. And it's not something she invented, she told me about this book and how true and helpful it can be. I haven't read the book itself, but I scanned through it, studied its highlights, and it did make sense.

So next time you feel like you have a hundred and one hurdles on your way, pick the badass one, and squash it right in the morning, when all your stars are aligned and your spirit rejuvinated from good sleep or some awesome sack session. I'm not kidding.

How was your day? Mine is filled with sleeping in the car, EDSA traffic, dealing with PDEA, roaming around UP Diliman (is it too late??), then sleeping in the car again and much much more traffic. But it's okay, I already ate my frog early this morning. ;-p

Have a great night, loves!

Your NeuroChiq,



  1. Hello Kabalen!!! I've eaten those frogs too when I was kid. And it won't happen again! haha

    I have to admit, I'm guilty of procrastinating. Those days when you just wanna laze around, so this book could be very helpful for me. And oh yeah, try to relax a bit and unwind on your free time. You deserve a little pampering babe. :) Hugging you. xx NiQ


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