Positively Stormy

Yes, I'm a sleepyhead. Ask around my family & friends and they would know that I can sleep incredibly in less than 2 minutes, sleep all day and still feel "puyat" (sleep deprived) and can never ever get up from bed immediately. The best use of my mobilephone after text and call is to alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze until I gather enough energy and courage to leave my lovely, alluring bed. Waking up this morning from a cool stormy night is double the torture, but it's different when you wake up with the smell of grilled cheese sandwich with coffee and some boiling water for a warm bath to makeup for the lack of electric hot shower.

Only 30% of our office population came in for work today - too few to see my black patent pumps that keep my feet dry and stylish at the same time.
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Waking up my nerves with good old warm bath
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Grilled Cheese Love Sandwich
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With the comfort of knowing that I'm blessed with a sturdy roof, safe transport and amazing people in my life, stormy nights can be not so bad after all. God is really good, all the time!
I hope you're all well and safe after the storm, be safe for the rest of the day, okay? Much love to all of you!
The NeuroChiq


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  2. That GRILLED CHEESE looked really good. I also went to work today, thought it would be best than to stay home and do nothing. Surprisingly, I got tons of stuff done today.

  3. nothing feels more amazing than taking a hot bath on a wet rainy day outside! I love grilled cheese sandwich too, it's so simple yet it's delicious

  4. I want that black pumps!!!! Looks comfy ha!

  5. @ Russ: Me too! I came in to office with high spirits despite the weather, and the mood went on throughout the day. =D Kudos to us!

    @ PC: Yes, hot bath is love. I live in a tropical, hot country, but I don't care. I can't live without it. =D

    @ AMW: I got mine from Celine at 50% pa, super comfy nga! =D Missyah!

  6. I showed up for work too but my gosh, it was so hot! I ended up working from home half the day on Thurs afternoon until today.

    Sana we have A/C na on Monday!


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