How Bad Can Be Magical!

Have you ever been so occupied of thinking about nasty things that happened to you, that you're full of negativity (and therefore attracts more negativity), and you go in cycle of never ending "why me" and "why now"? Sure, we live in a cruel world, and we meet wicked people every other day, but are these enough reason for us to stop seeing the good, the loving and the amazing in all else?

I'm in a lot of pressure most of the time, and I have my shares of I don't want to leave my room and just cry myself to sleep drama, but thankfully, I always manage to pick up myself and rise up tougher, and I'd like to believe, better. What helps me you say?

1. MY FAITH - I don't see my Lord, and I don't hear Him talk nor get signs from Him. But I feel Him, in simple things, in everyday people, and believe you me, He never fails to pop out and pull me out of my shittest days. They say religion and faith are opium for people, that it leaves us blind and stops us from questioning, but I say it makes us see beauty and goodness in every little thing, inspite and despite of how flawed they are, so how now can they say we're blind?

2. I DECIDE TO STOP WORRYING - I'm looking at a piece of yellow paper posted on my desk this very moment, which reads: "Of all your worries, big or small, how many of them never happened at all?" You see, we are so consumed by too much worries, that it haunts, destroys us to the core. Worry about logical, tangible things, and stop torturing yourself by worrying 10 years in advance.

3. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE MANTRA - I've learned this from a person I least expected to gain anything from. So much to say but I hated his guts. But when he told me to stop being so angry and so cold, because I'm not the only one fighting a battle, I was stunned. For the first time, he was right, each of us has our own battles in life, and I should be ashamed of myself to think I have the hardest part when I have a stable job and some new shoes on.

4. YOU LOSE SOME, YOU GAIN SOME - Accept the fact that nothing is permanent. Remember, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will ALWAYS change. It's up to us to get the most memories from the good, and learn the most from the bad. I'm not asking you to stop believing in rainbows, true love, fairytales and happy endings, I just want you not to grab too tight on anything, and learn to let go and catch the next blessing.

5. KEEPING SOME EMPTY SPACE - The universe can only fill you up with many splendor things if your cup isn't too full. And the key to that? Never stop sharing. So the next time you find your self-esteem hit bottom, leave your room, go out and be useful. Be a joy to others, volunteer your time, your talent, your love, your resources. It may exhaust you, but it's a perfect chance to claim gifts from the universe. If we do this in cycle, imagine how much happier the world can be!

I'm no inspirational writer, I'm just a hardworking girl, who learned to value her life and everything in it, regardless of how good, or how bad, I still find it nothing short of magical.

Happy Friday, loves!

The NeuroChiq,


  1. Amen to everything :) See you later, BFF!

  2. Everything makes a lot of sense. :) Great thoughts.

  3. I think what you're saying here is very true. And I think in our sane moments its so easy to remember, it's when we need these thoughts the most when it's hardest to recall :(

  4. Everything you said, I TOTALLY Agree, I've asked the "WHY ME" question so many times, but now, I KNOW WHY! It made me who I am, I am a survivor, and we all are! :D happy weekend Dang! Muwah :x

  5. Like it or not, this is an inspirational post. You've got 5 great insights here. Sometimes #3 helps me a different way. When doubt creeps into my mind and I think I won't be able to do something, I stop and remind myself that there are people all over the world who do that very same thing everyday (probably a slight exaggeration) and if they can do it, I can do it.

    About #5, sometimes when people thank me for helping them, I smile to myself because I wonder if they have any idea how much it helped me.

    I hope you have a great Saturday!

  6. I agree! Sometimes bad things that happen to you ends up being a blessing. If not it just builds your character and make you less naive!


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