Today, I'm Thankful...(2)

Amidst the many unfortunate events that happened in my country the past days, I'm still confident that the silver lining is just out there, and peace and goodness is still innate in all of us. So while I pray for our recovery and healing, I look around and appreciate the tiniest grace, and see the world in child's eye.

So today, I'm Thankful...

...for a concoction of strawberry, cream, cherry, bitters and vodka, especially made for me. And because it was for me, I had the honor of naming it: WILD PINK!

Now available at Zync Kebab & Grill

...for a nice token from my HS bestfriend, who came back from a short term assignment in the US. To you, K, your absence, our long YM sessions, and treating Manila and D.C. as if they have no time difference, sealed our friendship even more. I missed you, or not, because really, you can never be too far away from my system! You're a virus and I'm immune, your a drug and I'm addicted, you're my soul sister and you're W.I.L.D. Get that. =P

...for seeing myself everyday in the office hall, which reminds me how narcissistic I can be, which is a good and bad thing, but honestly, aren't we all one?

I get teased and praised for posing for this all the time!

At least I make the day a lot brighter! LOL.

...for a movie that reminds me how I shouldn't ignore my man, and how sexy and powerful a woman is! Fiesty!

Chloe starring Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson

...for lovely things delivered on my desk (Thanks, Nikki! Muah!)

...for comfort food for the aching body and tired soul

...for luxuries, no matter how small

...for a well received event, which makes all our hard work well worth it! Thank you!

Now a staple Ladies Night' promo during Fridays at Zync Kebab & Grill!

...for a pat on the back and words of encouragement from a beautiful person (Big hello, Alex!)
Alex nominated NeuroChiq for the Top 10 Emerging Influencial Blogs.
What a darl! To see her complete list, click HERE.

...for friends I haven't seen for years, realizing what we needed was a good five minutes, and we're all back to where we were: young, naughty, silly and super noisy!
My CVG friends, Mariel, RK, Jaypee and Mich

...and for being addicted to something that makes me feel like a gradeschooler again!

The BF asked me to help him finish this game, because guess what, it's a color game, and he's color blind! LOL.

If I can strap my camera with me all the time, and if it wouldn't be awkward to photograph each and every beautiful thing and person I encounter, then you might need all night to finish this post. I'm an advocate of seeing things out of the box, I believe on random things being special. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then happiness is clearly a choice of your heart.

Have you been grateful lately? Tell me! =)

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. I'm grateful for having a beautiful friendship with you {and the girls, of course}. Love ya!

  2. Aww I like this post :)

    Just goes to show that really, it's the simple things that matter :)

  3. Love how you make me feel thankful after reading your post! I'm glad you received the package na !

    And congrats on your photo on your office wall! ang ganda! Miss you girls!

  4. love this post! truly inspiring. =)

  5. haha fun post. OMG you are on your office wall! that is so funny!! and why did your bf start playing a color game when he's colorblind?! LOL!

  6. @ Teeyah: I'm super happy to have you too, miss you sis! =)

    @ Krissy: Yes, sometimes we're too occupied to see little things, but they truly matter no? Happy Tuesday, darl. =)

    @ AMW: LOL, mas maganda if you did our makeup! I was supposed to ask you but figured out it won't fit your schedule. =/ Next time sana. =)

    @ Kylie: Thank you, dear. Welcome back, hope you enjoyed SG! =)

    @ PC: My BF is unique like that, and stubborn too. =P

  7. clap clap on seeing your face on the office corridor everyday... that is soooo cool! and i love your comfort food, sobra, pahinge???

  8. @ Crickette: Cool na funny, everybody stops and tease me kasi super pose daw ako. Haha. =P

    And I'm a pasta monster, kung aabot lang dyan, I'll give you half. Muah! =)

  9. super like =) <3 jp


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