Mind Mapping Workshop...Finally!

When I said finally in the title, I didn't mean I finally attended the workshop, it's just a word of relief that I was FINALLY able to open my blog. It's been three weeks, and my body and mind have been working non-stop, I can't believe September is ending soon! And yes, Christmas is really in the air..err, in the malls, complete with Holiday sales and carols. *winks* I hope you enjoy the season as much as I do, it's my and the Sweet's favorite time of the year, that we are almost sad when we have to turn the calendar page to January.

Going back, after 3 failed attempts of reconciling my schedule to the workshop dates, I was able to squeeze in and attend last Monday's Mind Mapping Workshop at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. The Mind Mapping technique is developed by world renowned author and educator, Tony Buzan, organized by my trusted Salt & Light Ventures, and facilitated by Buzan certified instructor, Bernard Marquez. This is the third Salt & Light Ventures workshop I have attended and so far, I'm a very happy customer.

So what is Mind Mapping all about? By definition, mind maps are graphical method of taking notes. Simply put, it's a tool, a technique you can use in studying, organizing, solving problems, decision making and even writing. It uses pictures, colors and other visual representation, because truly, our brain works with pictures. Ever wonder why we have different languages and yet we identify same images across the globe? Like the traffic signs, airport markings and the like, eh?

I'm not planning on giving a lesson here, but here are some notes I learned (and couldn't agree more) from the workshop:

1. Day dreaming is a recognized function of our right brain, just like music, rhythm, language etc., so yes, it's fruitful to day dream!

2. Our education system is based on the needs of the Industrial era, where factories and machines thrive and drive the world, but we are already in the Information age, but sadly, our education system failed to evolve. It has focused in honing the activities of the left brain: objective, logical, rational, technical, which is actually fine, but placed the right brain's functions in deep sleep. Our right brain works with random, subjective, intuitive, and so our creativity lies in it. But right after first grade, we used less crayons, stick to black or blue pen, and worked on less images and more words, shutting any further creative developments of a child. OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM NEEDS A REVAMP.

3. Don't be afraid to use pictures to emphasize words, to put images to aid our memory. Colors can help our brain associate things, and therefore remember more efficiently.

4. Memory is not based on one's age, unless biologically linked i.e. Alzheimer's, Dementia etc. So let's not make our age an excuse on exercising those brain cells, okay?

5. Memory can be enhanced, and the facilitator showed us HOW, and it's creepy and amazing at the same time!

6. I'm such a young working girl, and I shoudl be proud of it. *giggles*

7. I should lessen my caffeine intake (Dusit coffee is so good, I nearly downed the boiler)

8. RJ Ledesma is as cute in person! =)

9. Dusit has the most relaxing bathroom scent: Ginseng!

10. Juggling promotes your brain's creativity and releases stress. And it's fun, too! =)

So there, I want to write more things, but I think I should leave it to you guys to research, and to attend the workshop, if you have the time and chance. You may visit their website http://www.saltandlight.ph/ to see lists of courses offered. My personal recommendation is the Managing Miscommunication Workshop facilitated by Eric Villarama. Have fun! =)

Dusit Thani Hotel lobby

Facilitator, Mr. Bernard Marquez

Sirlon Steak & German potatoes for lunch.
Seriously, meat is so bland, save the potatoes.

Smart & witty, RJ Ledesma
*RJ Ledesma is a writer, host and comedian working with Uno Magazine, Men's Room and Philippine Star

Juggle* Juggle*

My first mind map got the most "Good Job" notes! Yay!

It feels so good to be back, hopefully.
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. Can't agree more! I've met and worked with RJ for our events and he wrote for us, too. Hindi ko nga maamin na crush ko sya. Damn, that guy is smart!

  2. wow..love your mind map! I just can't put my mind into focus siguro when I attend this! hahahaha :) see you around sweetie

  3. @ Teeyah: Yes, he's not mayabang at all, reminds me of Drew Arellano. =)

    @ AMW: Thanks, Nikki! Actually, creativity is encouraged, as in no straight lines whatsoever, kaya I'm sure you'll do great! You're one of the most creative persons I know kaya! =)

  4. That's interesting--especially about the school system. It might explain something that's confused me in the past. Various tests have pegged me as very,very left-brained, but I think I'm more intuitive (and I have great daydreams, LOL). Maybe my education influenced the way I approach and react to being tested--relying more on the left-brain. POssible???

    As for #6, yes you should! And it would be nice to see you post more often. =)

  5. @ RicAdemus: I also believe that, my secondary school test shows that I'm leaning towards technical thinking & mathematics, and believe me when I say I hated both. I defied & took communications instead, because in my heart I know I'm more creative than techmical, and I've never been happier with that decision. =)

    Thank you, I really hope to find the time to post more. =) Have a great day!

  6. Looks like a pretty interesting seminar. I'm Paul and I have been doing graphic recording and mindmapping for business and group presentations to visualize idea for 6 years now. Mind mapping is simply visualizing your ideas for better organization, understanding and recall. Cheers!

  7. Dang,

    Thanks for posting this.

    You are indeed a NEURO CHIC.

    Keep it up.

    Keep thinking RIGHT. (instead of Left brain all the time)


  8. Thanks, Bernard!

    Hope to attend one of your seminars in the near future. And yes to right brain thinking. :D

    Happy 2013!


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