Drown or Die

I do things until I drown or die. When I discover something I like, I do it over and over and over again, until people around me get sick of seeing me doing the same thing, or until my mom nag me endlessly, on let's say why I wear the same slippers a week in a row. Want a vivid example?

Back in my sophomore year, I went nuts over the empanada (meat stuffed bread) being sold by the school cafeteria that I ate it for the whole semester, I'm not exaggerating. Fearing for my life, I excuse myself an hour before the break, and buy my dose in advance. By the third grading period, my body started to rebel over my indulgence. I initially thought the formula had gone wrong, or they have a new, less competent baker. I being geeky self, started to survey my classmates about the change in the recipe, and to my surprise, the weird tummy regurgitating feeling was mine alone. On that fateful day, one bite was all it took to dig the message down my stubborn a**, one bite and all my breakfast food went down the drain. It's gross. A decade had passed, and I haven't touched a single empanada, just the thought of it makes me squeamish.

So yes, I do things until I drown or die, I'm mad and passionate like that, who says being half crazy is easy by the way?

Moral of the story: Everything in excess is toxic, just like LOVE, MONEY, FAME, and that bad ass empanada.

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. haha that was a fun read! Im the same way too. In college I ate the same sisig from the same place for lunch for one or two semesters hahaha. Im still like that now

  2. hahaha, I can relate tweenie..but mine was not empanada but tuna! century tuna to be exact! hihihi..how ya been? it's good to be back and I missed the blogging world and missed you too!

  3. @ Maui: Haha, same here. Up to now, I get addicted to things, or sports or clothes, and do, eat & wear it again & again. High five*

    @ CD: Tweenie! I missed you too, we've both been busy no? Good to hear from you again! =) And LOL on tuna, I also got addicted to white tuna my brother brought home from UAE, so everytime he goes home, I ask him to hoard for me. =P

  4. Oh, pareho tayo! If I discover something I really love, I saturate myself with it... until magsawa. So yeah, moderation is key


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