30 Things for 30 Wonderful Years

2010 has been a challenging, back-breaking, hormone raising, insane, awwwwesomeness year for me. I started an offline business, discovered a love for running, blogged more, made unlikely friends, changed boss, traveled to Asia thrice, got left by a plane it between, and celebrated life and love altogether. Me and my girls always say "2010" is our year, and we claimed it fully!

My gratitude is overflowing, and as the year draws to an end, it's high time to make a blueprint of what my next year/years would be. Inspired by Celine, the author of 30 by 30 Project, and with the encouragement of my BFF, I present to you my 30 Things for 30 Wonderful Years!

While I'm still 4 years shy from my 30th year on earth, I decided to run this course for a little bit longer because I really wanted to take my time, and savor each and every experience, realizations and learnings everytime I cross a thing from my list. Of course, the logistics and financial aspects were also considered, but I kept my list as simple as possible, because believe me, I still dream of outrageous things I'm not too proud to share. Haha. 

To Celine and Tara, thanks for the inspiration! Cheers to empowered women!

1. Travel Alone on a backpack tripThough I’ve traveled alone a few times for work (Mindoro, Palawan & Malaysia), I’ve always wondered how it is to go on a backpack trip ALONE. It would be great to chat with strangers in common kitchens, do my laundry on coin fed machines and just walk the city with no actual plans. I can imagine it to be a liberating experience.
2. Treat my mom to an international trip – DONE!Brought my mom to HK for her 51st birthday, and made her scream like a child riding the Space Mountain in Disneyland! Who else deserves a treat than the number woman in my life?

3. Learn proper painting (and see my works on the wall, or give it as a gift)I’ve been drawing/painting as a child up to my teenage years, but life and a lot of work happened, and I’m left with almost zero time to pursue my art. I always buy new canvass, and sketchpads, hoping to find the mojo to draw and paint again, but to no avail. This time, I AM GETTING IT DONE.

4. Buy something really valuable with my own moneySay a car, or a starter home. It’s great that mom bought me an old, decent car 3 years ago, but it would be really awesome to drive something I bought from my paycheck. A starter home would be equally nice, but maybe I can spare that goal to my future partner.

5. Put up a business – IN PROCESSLike what I’ve said to my best friend, putting up a business is one huge leap, but sustaining it is another thing. 5 months ago, I, along with two trusted men in my life opened our first bar and resto called ZYNC Kebab & Grill. It gobbled my savings, left me sleepless for so many months (until now!), made me work my ass triple time and forced me to do dreaded Math. I can’t say it’s done, because there’s obviously a lot more things to do, but I’m in the process and getting the hang of it, so please wish me success. =)

6. Send my half sister to school – IN PROCESSYes, she’s just my half sister, but no, it didn’t make any difference, I still want to send her to school. I’m not yet fully capable of sending her to the best school on my own, but I committed to help in every way I can. She’s a bright kid, my dad said she’s just like me when I was her age, and I’m not letting her get any less than what she deserves.

7. Run– DONE!And an all women run at that! I run 5KM during the Pinay in Action Marathon for Cervical Cancer Awareness, and I’m looking forward to finishing 10 next time.

8. Learn to sing properlyBlame it to Glee, but I’m taking our usual Friday night videoke sessions more seriously. And by the time I’m 27, I want to be able to sing in public, with pride and confidence. I’m checking out voice lessons for 2011.

9. Do freelance writingI’ve had several freelance writing opportunities, that I sadly have to let go. With the demands of my day job, and my newly opened business, I don’t think I have any more time or juice to beat writing deadlines. But who knows, I still have a few years!

10. Lose 30 lbs.You can say this is the most ambitious, but I use to weigh 30 lbs. lesser 2 years ago, and I’m getting that back. (I’m saying it with finality! =P)

11.Get an insurance/s - DONE!I’ve been a good girl to diligently pay my insurance since last year, but as one of my managers told me, “there’s never too much insurance.” I intend to get a different policy for every major event in my life (moving in with my man, having a child? etc.) That way, my policies will mature just in time for my future’s need. (honeymoon, kids’ education, retirement etc.)

12. DiveThis is one of my earliest and most constant childhood dream. I wanted it so bad I even wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I was supposed to go on a diving course inclusive of an open water diving last March, I was very excited until Mikai, my balikbayan friend, told me they have to reschedule it on a weekday. I would have filed for vacation leave, but it’s quarter ending, with a hundred and one deadlines on my plate. =[ I snorkel in every beach & chance I get just to sneak peek, I have a diving site bookmarked on my PC, and a photo on my cabinet to inspire me, I’m not letting go of this dream! Don’t let me! =]

13. Nude photographyShhh. This is a shameless entry. I’ve always fancied nude photography (don’t ask me why), but never had the confidence (and a trusted person) to do it. Now that I’m of the right age and mindset, and have the perfect person to take my photos, I’m scheduling it , but that means I have to shed off a few pounds first, and cross out two of my entries. =) 

14.Volunteer - DONE!I’m a volunteer for Project Better World initiatives like Brigada Eskwela (school rehabilitation program), Coral Watch (a global initiative to monitor health of corals around the world), and some random feeding, outreach programs. I swear to continue supporting initiatives I believe in, and hopefully, reach bigger scales.

15. Try Surfing & White Water RaftingI’m not very good with balance, but with my love for the sea, beaches, and anything water and extreme, this will be the perfect challenge to conquer.

16. Swim with whales/dolphins in DonsolDuring my Bohol trip last year, we endured almost 2 hours of rough boat ride to watch dolphins, and I was very much ready to jump and swim with them with or without vest. Unfortunately, we woke up too late (7am at that!) and hired the wrong boat “YOK-YOK”, that’ s just too old and too slow to catch up with these athletic creatures. Next time maybe, but I’ll probably try my luck with the “butandings” in Donsol first.

17. Learn to auto mechanicI can certainly name the parts of the car, its engine and its functions, and I know some troubleshooting . I wash and wax my car, check its oil, water, brake and steering fluid. I can change blades of my wiper, and if the nuts aren’t too tight, I can probably change my tires, too. And yes, I learned how to jumpstart, series my car battery and how and when to use engine brakes. But I’m not stopping here, I want a one on one tutorial because there’s just too many things to learn from this complex invention. Lucky me, for I need not hire a professional mechanic, the BF is a hobbyist and a willing teacher. =)

18. Learn Martial ArtsMy mom had this vision of her only daughter growing up to be fine, prim and proper. She prohibits me to play outside, and never gave me roller blades, skateboards and bicycles no matter how hard I cried. Instead, I get giant stuffed toys and petite Barbie dolls. I’m into swimming but she never enrolled me to a summer class telling me I’ll be ugly when I’m dark. And there’s no way she’ll allow me to enroll in a martial arts class. Thanks mom, I know you just wanted to protect me. But you see, I’m a big girl now, and I will endure the pain and bruises of a Muay Thai class. Don’t you worry!

19. Go on a spiritual road trip, and the only place I can think of now is Sagada.

20. Adopt a homeless dog. I’m an animal lover, don’t need to say much. =)

21. Adopt a homeless kidIf God allows it, He will make a way. If I can’t physically adopt a kid (it’s a fairly complicated thing), then sending one to school will be a good start.

22. Design bags and hopefully, produce themI’m a bag maniac, I can go out in plain shorts and T, as long as I have a nice bag to go with it. 2 years ago, I went to KL Mega Carnival Sale. I have more than 5 pairs of shoes in my sack, but can’t seem to find a perfect bag. My BF, aware of my picky taste, told me casually, “you know, you should design your own.” He’s the sweetest. I doodled some designs in the following weeks, but I didn’t get far on producing them, in fact, the sketches I made were part of the “Ondoy” damage last year. =( Time to pick up the pieces and start again.


  1. Awwwwww... I hope you get to complete your list soon! I'm really sure you can do it because you've done a lot already!

  2. Hi Crix! Thank you love, I'm keeping my fingers crossed with some of them, especially the 30 lbs. part. Haha. =)

  3. I told myself I want to experience snow and I chased snow talaga! :) hehehe

    I am sure you have a wonderful life ahead and you'll finish your list in NO Time! I can sense it, you're a go-getter Dang! :)

  4. Goodluck, dearie. I hope you accomplish everything on your list soon. I'm nearing my 30s (boohoo!), so I guess I should get started.

    Merry Christmas, by the way. :-)

  5. Happy New Year, Dang! I wish you love and happiness and overflowing blessings for 2011!

    I love your list, we have some items in common! More power to us empowered women! I know you can do this, I believe in the power of lists and positive attitudes. Go, girl!

    Ako may goal ako for Q1 of 2011--TO VISIT ZYNC!!!

  6. @ AMW: When I chase snow, I'll remember you talaga! =) Thank you for believing in me as early as now! =) Happy New Year!

    @ L: Happy New Year, L! You have accomplished a LOOOOT already, so just list them down and I'm sure you've done more than half already. =P

    @ Dea: Did you see my number 30? Special mention ka, kasi I really can't ditch red meat! =P And yes, we have some things in common talaga. Happy New Year, my dear!=)

  7. Thanks for the mention and I am so glad that you're doing this! I especially love #26. Good luck and keep me posted!

  8. This is a great list! I stumbled upon your blog via Celine's 30 for 30 project. She also inspired me to join the bandwagon of 30 for 30 fun. Follow me at www.capeschairsandcows.blogspot.com !

    Have a blast with all your (mis)adventures.


  9. @ Celine: I'm excited to do #26 as well! I'm planning my work leave for this. Thanks, will keep you posted. =)

    @ JNR: Hi Jamie, thanks for checking out my list, and I'm loving your list too! Best of luck & a lot of fun for us! Cheers! =)

  10. Hi! New follower here. :)

    Nice post, BTW! I'd like to try no26 too!

    All the best! ♥

  11. @ Juan Kristina: Welcome to my humble blog, and yes, 26 is really worth trying for busy girls like us! =) Cheers, love!

  12. wow, this is such an inspiring list! now, i want to make one for myself too. i do hope you get to cross out everything in this list. good luck!

  13. oh. This is nice. Learn a lot from it. I will create one for myself soon. : ) Good idea! Goodluck with your plans! hope it works! : )

  14. Wow you are doing such a great job on your list! I love that many of your goals involve the happiness of others. I think that makes your list even more special. Best wishes to you!

  15. same here Dang, i've never worn a 2-pc bikini...kahit nga one-pc eh. pilipitin man ako, nde ako magsusuot at babandera. LOL

  16. @ elleswim: Thank you, I'm taking things slowly and enjoy each time. =) Cheers!

    @ iamsutil: Haha, Jhengky, ako nga masisisante na ayaw padin. LOL. But maybe one day, we can! Ang =) Ang sexy mo kaya, anu buzz. =)


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