A Reason To Be

I just got the result of my Annual Physical Examination (APE) today, and I'm quite happy that after two and a half decades, the machine that's me is still fine and dandy. If there's an item in my prayer list that I never ever forget next to saying thank you, that would be asking for the gift of health. I pray that my indulgence with sweets, hard alcohol and voluntary lack of rest and sleep won't catch up on me soon. I pray that my constant hunger for stress to keep me going won't wear me out. I pray that I learn to like veggies really soon. I pray my taste buds will cooperate.

I'm paranoid, thinking what will happen to my family if I get seriously sick. My dad would have to work post retirement, my mom would cry everyday, and my brother would need to take on full responsibility both for emotional and financial aspects. It will kill me to see my family go through that. The past events in my life led me to the firm realization that my biggest gift from the heavens came the day I was born. I have the most amazing family, not just my parents and brother, but the whole clan at that. Not perfect, but amazingly overflowing for me. From my grandparents to my coolest aunts and uncles, down to my cousins whom I consider more as siblings. I can be in crappy clothes and talk foolish and be jejemon if I want to and they will embrace me fully. With them, I can let my walls down, I'm no less than stellar.

And so the least I can do for these people (other than the usual happy things we do) is to take care of myself, so I can be with them longer, and be there for them in my top shape. How can I do errands for my grandma, do groceries with mama and babysit for my aunts if I'm pinned to bed?

For them, I will be healthy. It couldn't get any better than that.

How about you, what's your reason to be healthy?




  1. I am so happy for you Dang, not only the fact that you do have your check , but the fact that you love your body not to be scared to go through health checks! Would you believe I'm always nagging my loved ones to have themselves checked but when it comes to myself? I'm so tamad! :) Wake up call to everyone! LOVE YOUR BODY! as early as TODAY! :D

  2. Hi Nikki! Naku I'm also tamad, but it's a company requirement, and thank goodness we do it in Healthway so less waiting than in bigger hospitals. But at the end of the day, I'm really glad I'm still doing great, I have more chances live life beautifully. Kaya next time, I won't be tamad na, let's promise ha! =)


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