Gratitude List: Of Simple Things and Staying Still

I'd like to believe that my recent calmness and silence are brought about by age growth. What used to be weekend drink fest and 'til dawn dancing in my calendar are now marked with leisure activities, errands and lounging at my cousins' house for late night DVDs, card games, potato balls, crab nuggets and chitchats. Last weekend, I slept 10 hours for two consecutive days and it was painful to part from my bed, not until the last full show of Captain America.

And just like the beautiful sermon by Father Miguel last Sunday, I believe this tranquility I'm feeling is brought about by my decision to stop, slow down, and just stay still. For it is in silence than we begin to listen, to understand. Ever wonder why LISTEN and SILENT have the same letters?

Don't be fooled, my schedule is still filled to the rim, I still have a stressful job, but silence can be achieved without having to camp and shutdown from the world. Just stay still, 10, 15, 30 minutes a day. Whatever is comfortable for you. Meditate if you may. Just stay still, and you'll hear what's there to learn.

So today, I thank the universe for the gift of silence and for simple, happy things. :)

For a nice gift from a very lovely girl. <3
Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set V3. Thank you so much, Sophie! *HUGS*

For denims and suits that I really miss, and a fulfilling job ribboned with it.

For a mug of pure indulgence and comfort
Dark Chocolate with Marshmallow melt, Max Brenner Greenbelt 5

Imagine how happy it is to create a 'chocolate culture'!

Warmth and protection
My new favorite buddy kept my footsies dry and warm during the last 2 typhoons.

Denims, ribbons, and a lot of character
Denim pumps from Shubizz
My 30-day No Red Meat Challenge is not only a test of will and discipline for my meat addict self, but also a chance for me to explore, indulge, and enjoy healthier (and even yummier) alternatives. It's DAY 23! 
Adobong Squid Rice Ring from Bob's Makati
Try to write down all the things you're grateful for each day and you'll be amazed how fast you can fill your journals. Count your blessings big or small, be it a multi-million done deal, or just perfectly painted nails. Remember, take time to stay silent and just listen! 

Happy Tuesday, guys and girls!

From the Nook,


  1. lovely post. your shoes are so cute and congrats on getting so far on the challenge. =))

  2. It isn't your age-it really is from growing up. Chalk it up to one of those things you wish you knew/wish you could tell your younger self: Slow down. Breathe.

  3. @Jackie: Thank you, I was actually surprised I'm still not cranky after 3 weeks of no red meat. :P

    @Jessica: I know right, we're always in a hurry so we get tired of life so fast. :P But thank you! :)

  4. Each time I feel sad or disappointed, same as you, I note down the things that makes me grateful or smile..and ang DAMI naman pala!!! life is so full of surprises, and I believe its fun living!


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