Product Review: Bodivance

I'm not very new to sports or working out. While I don't dare call myself an athlete, I make sure I don't live a sedentary lifestyle. But gone are the days when I can play badminton all Saturday and Sunday long (I'm a varsity player back in HS), nor workout after office when I still had a 9-5 corporate job . Moving to ahensya life, I now usually work 10-11 hours a day, travel back and forth for 3 hours, sleep for 6 hours and spend the remaining hours trying to have a balanced social life.

Heavens forgive me but the only workout I get nowadays are my 15 minute walk in Makati streets, wearing high waist skirts rather than jogging pants. If I have no work, not hangover or am not too exhausted on Saturday morning, then I alternately jog or attend fitness classes. For this reason alone, I have come to a realization to make sure that I get the most out of my Saturday workouts. Ang along came Bodivance.

From the makers of Bodivance:

BODIVANCE is a breakthrough in sports technology. It is an advanced thermogenic accelerator cream that when applied, creates a breathable barrier on the skin that works in two ways.

Firstly, it helps to insulate heat that builds up as muscles are activated. This warms up the muscles rapidly and ensures that workouts are maximized each time. A natural effect of this is the increase in perspiration which hastens the release of toxins through the pores of one’s body.
Secondly, it promotes vasodilation. By helping to widen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, muscles get more oxygen and nutrients. This increase in circulation dissipates lactic acid build-up, speeding up recovery time and allowing athletes to work out harder and longer. This same principle applies in helping those with sports-related injuries recover faster. Improved circulation can also relieve arthritis and rheumatism while reducing the presence of varicose veins.

When my former boss heard about my 30-day no red meat challenge and my interest in kickboxing and running, she recommended Bodivance and was sweet enough to give me a pack. She said it's a perfect companion during workouts and swears by it. As a responsible consumer, I read the label and did my own research prior to using the product and found out about its long successful history in the US dating back as early as 80s. It was developed by a fitness expert and baseball athlete to improve his team's performance. More importantly, it passed the highest safety standards and is made from hypoallergenic ingredients.

I tried Bodivance for 3 weeks (about 5 occasions) before deciding to post my review. Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • > Serum like texture with silky feel. It smells a bit like the floral scented insect repellant
  • > Easily absorbed by the skin, and doesn't feel heavy at all.  
  • > No stains on my workout clothes
  • > Bodivance claims to accelerate  thermogenesis and helps insulate the heat in our muscles. Thermogenesis is the process by which heat energy is produced by the body through metbolism such as exercise or other physical activity. The result is more, and I MEAN really MORE beady sweat! I tried a left arm/right arm test and I was amazed to see the difference. My left arm where I applied Bodivance perspired at least more than 50% more!
  • > I can't vouch for the faster recovery time from injury as of now, but another plus point for its ability to increase blood circulation. Entonces, less muscle cramps which is very important to perform better in dance or yoga class.
  • > I'm very prone to varicose veins, and any little help in fighting these ugly sight is more than welcome to join my arsenal.
  • > Bodivance is available in 5ml sachets at PhP 55.00, which is not only economical and easy to carry, but also gives us a chance to give it a try before purchasing the bigger pump bottle at PhP 800.00.
  • > Easy to buy online via or from sports store in malls. Click HERE for the compete list of accredited retail outlets.

Bodivance is not wonder product, nor will it give you firmer thighs overnight. But this is exactly why I like it, it's not pretentious and does not have false claims or magical effects. It's Science-based, with years of research and testing, and therefore earned my trust. I have less and very minor cramps when running, and it inspires me to get back on my feet and be more active again. If only for that, then Bodivance has served its purpose.

Have you tried Bodivance? If you're into running, I suggest you give it a shot and let me know what happens. :) 

From the Nook,