My Best Self in 2012: The Good, the Bad and the Weirdies

So I haven't fully recuperated from the awesome beach getaway at Potipot island in Zambales, and yet I have to be here, and work on an ambitious plan for a sharp client, otherwise known as the dragon lady. I'm looking through my 17-inch screen for 30 minutes, and not an ounce of creative juice has oozed out. I finally gave up and went out of my cube to think over second hand smoke and cheap latte from the vendo machine. 

Majestic sunset in Potipot island

Then I remembered something. In the island, it dawned on me. It's crystal clear that I work best when I stop pretending to be normal. How did I miss resist that all these years?

Three days with a bunch of success-driven, winning-hungry women made me realize two things. First, the ocean can drown my stress, and second, we are as weird as each one in the group.

ME: I noticed that all of us have quirks, like we're all weird in our own ways. That I'm weird, and you're weird, and J is weird, and N is weird, and weird people work brilliant together. Now I know why I belong here and not there (pertaining to my previous job)

BOSS: You only realized that NOW? 

ME: Yeah, isn't that weird? 

And though it's a bit too late to start a 2012 resolution, and my yearly goals of being punctual and giving up Coke has been a grand slam fail, hours of lying on the sands and looking through the skies in that pretty little island gave me one big push in achieving the best of what and who I can be in 2012. It's as simple as knowing that my quirky ways, insane ideas and stubborn beliefs are but part of my blueprint, exactly how my Creator designed me. So I may be a little weird, different and stubborn, but with self-understanding, right attitude and good set of friends and mentors (which I luckily have!), I found my spot and earned the right to say that I'm where I'm meant to be, at least at this very moment.

Right here and in all of 2012, I can be my best weird self. No holds barred. With that, eating this ugly frog and will come up with a winning plan before the day ends.

I hope you had a good long weekend, too, my dear readers. :)

From the Nook, 


  1. We were never designed to be normal :D Happy to be weird and crazy with you, BFF! :) Mwah!

  2. @ Teeyah: I guess so. :) Missing you, BFF! :)

  3. that's a nice realization, nevermind that it came a bit late :) don't worry, january palang naman. Have a great year ahead :D

  4. @Hazel: Thank you, you're right, we can always decide to be our best anytime of the year. :) Have a blessed 2012 as well! :)

  5. @ Mrs. A: Hi, L! Great to see you again here. :) Hope to catch up on your life's wonders in your new blog, will be waiting! And yup, normal can be boring. Right on! :)


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