Signs of Aging: On Choosing the Right Shoes

You know the things that you used to endure during your younger days? Like all night long gimmicks, pitchers of cheap cocktails, dancing 'til the sun is up or simply surviving everyday without the convenience of vans, taxis or car? 

In the office, we fondly call it "lakas ng kabataan" (strength of youth). Those golden days when you feel like your body is a pumped up machine that can take on anything; and no stress, lack of sleep or fatigue can stop you. I'll be 27 in a few months, and for an age considerably young, I can already feel juvenile signs of wear and tear. My metabolism had slowed down (my weight used to swing up and down in a snap of a finger), long hours standing or walking in the mall leaves me with sore ankles and my caffeine and alcohol tolerance has decreased a bit. Very little changes, nothing really dramatic, but still noticeable. 

Among these changes, the one that sucks that most is the fact that I can no longer walk in high heels for a long time. It saddens me to realize this. Shoes is one thing I really adore, possibly more than makeup. I used to attend the university in 3 or 4 inch pumps, commuting from Las PiƱas to Manila and I walk the streets in a breeze. I tried doing it again these days and I ended up buying a pair of cheap slippers.

High heels give me tremendous feeling of power and confidence, and it often translates to successful presentations, accounts being won and momentous events.  But age, weight and muscle fatigue are now part of the calculation, and I now have to take precautionary measures so I won't end up in a cast. 

1.  Bring extra flats or slippers in your purse, ALL THE TIME. This will come handy for unexpected long walks.

2. Go to the office wearing flats, and change into heels before entering the building. New Yorkers do it. I said flats, not rubber tsinelas.

3. Wear flats or flip-flops especially on weekends. There are a lot of gorgeous flats in the market nowadays, so you don't have to give-up your style. Alternate flats, low heels and high heels so your feet can get a break.

4. Get a foot and leg massage once in while, (do I hear weekly, ladies?), it will relax your muscles and pamper you at the same time.

5. Put your legs up against the wall before you sleep. Do this for 10 minutes to avoid varicose veins due to poor blood circulation.

6. Soak your tired feet in warm water. Add oil essences or salts for a more relaxing experience. I do this while sipping my night coffee, you should try it.


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     - Go for lower height (2.5 to 3 inches isn't so bad!)  

- Go for thicker heels because it provides more support and sturdy balance 

     - Shoes with platforms provide more comfort and are easier to walk

     - Get your shoes from trusted brands, not necessarily expensive, but don't be overly stingy. There are valid reasons behind the price: materials used, quality, design, craftsmanship. 

NOTE: Visit Ferretti Shoes Online for quality shoes that are stylish yet reasonably priced. It's proudly Filipino, too!

See, we can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Your feet and legs will thank you for choosing wisely. As for me, I learned to enjoy various kinds of footwear, from slippers to pointed flats, to kitten heels and sky-high f*ck me shoes. I don't discriminate! I'm in the office working on my computer all day today, and so I'm wearing a comfortable, mid-heel black leather pumps, about 2.5 inches. My taller babies can wait for out of office events in the coming weeks. It's exciting!!! :)

Tiffany shoes from CLN


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  1. This is true! I couldn't wear heels especially when it's a cocktail event... yikes! Standing up all night is a no no for me ; (

    Guess I am old hahaha


  2. love this post hun!totally agree with everything.number 4 i should do more but its too expensive here, i might as well buy a new pair =) xx

  3. @ Mrs. Martinez: Cocktail events really take toll on anyone's feet, and back actually! Guess we're just normal. :P

    @ Dulce: That expensive? Wow, I'm feeling lucky because it's actually cheap here. As low as 300 bucks. :)

    @ Aika: LOL. That's a term coined during my college days. I hope di ka naskandalo. :P

  4. recommendation for number 1 - foldable flats or flipsters (foldable thong sandals) available at res/toe/run. they have their own zippered pouch. lightweight and doesn't take up space in your bag.

    number 4 is also a must for me. =)

    number 7 - stacked heels are perfect for the office. =) another recommendation - charles and keith pumps. possibly the most comfortable, budget-friendly, blister-free shoes i've ever tried.

  5. @ Kylie: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :) And I love C&K, too. :)

    You may also check other local foldable flats here:

    Happy Friday!


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