Gratitude List: On Confusion and Personal Missions


There are moments when my mind just want to vomit thoughts so bad that my hands have no choice but to write type endlessly, and claim the moment. Earlier today, a good friend confessed to me that he thinks he wants to quit his job, but doesn't really know what to do next, worse, what he really wants to do next. I laughed and told him that he better ask someone else, because for one, I'm such an evil and supportive friend that the next things I'll say will probably be "fudge, just go for it." Not that I find anything wrong with following one's heart. In fact I'm a staunch believer of following your heart's desire, because it will, in all the madness of the Universe and God's mercy, will lead you to where you're really meant to be, so jump! But that's me. My alias doesn't stand for nothing, so it may not be the best advice for him to hear that moment. Second, I begged him not to ask me because though I'm not as lost as him during our short cab ride conversation, I'm also not in the best position to tell him what he's supposed to do, only because I'm also in the middle of my own, personal journey.

As much as I'm happy, challenged and fulfilled with what I do and where I am at present, it's too early to tell if this is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. That to me, is more of a calling, a spot in this world that is only yours to discover and claim. I like to think of it as my mission. The reason I was born, and the role I'm destined to fulfill. Spiritually, it's one's life purpose. 

I'm in no hurry to discover my master plan, I don't like to peek on God's 201 file. What I know right now, aside from the things and comfort that I want for my family and self (of course I still think of worldly things) is that I may be a source of joy for other people, every living day. Be it joy from financial help I can offer, joy from inspiration and energy I bequeath or joy from being able to make someone laugh during a hard day. 

For now, that mission is good enough to keep me going. :) 

Have a blessed Friday, guys! On a personal note, it's my Sweetie's birthday tomorrow, another reason to be grateful!

Much Love,


  1. Doing what makes you happy gives you satisfaction and a sense of long as you enjoy what you are doing...just go with the flow. As for your friend, if he's not happy anymore, then why stay? it will be an added stress in his life but of course a lot of things/matter needs to be baka naman may family or something tapos mag quit sya sa work mahirap yan hehehe...but anyway..I wish your friend well. :)

    And happy birthday to your Sweetie! Where will you celebrate?


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