Te amo támbien mi señora bonita!

Photo by my cousin Ryan Fajardo for wifey, Bing. :)

Te amo támbien mi señora bonita!

Jeff and I probably won't be able to dine out or celebrate this Valentine's, but that's fine really. I don't mean to be a kill joy, but we normally skip the chaos and heavy traffic, and we're not a big fan of the crowd either. I asked him also not to give me flowers anymore, because we're saving up for something else. Do you think I'm a scrooge? Of course not! Because I believe in love and its unbelievable power, and that it's a natural force human beings are not supposed to own and limit, but rather share and imbibe, every day of their lives. And I live on this terms; while the flowers, fancy dining and little kisses from people I love are but big bonuses. :)

I'm sick this morning, and just came back from a long planning session with my client, but I'm feeling positive and overwhelmed with funny feelings and happy thoughts of spending the V-Day night in the comfort of my home and loved ones, and I hope to transfer this energy to all of you.

So instead of a usual V-Day greeting, let me wish you a happy and colorful life full of love for yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, and significant others today and always! There's so much to love in life, so let's celebrate everything, big or small! 

PS: The title came from my Sweetie, who surprised me with his attempt in Spanish. He knows I'm self-studying, and cute of him to remember. 

Muy bien! Te quiero, chico malo! :) 

PPS: Shout out to my good friend, J, for her thoughtful gift! She's so sweet and she reminds me how bad I am with these things! Love yah, Jelly Bean! :) 

I thought for a second it's candy

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