Gratitude List: Birthday Month Edition

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space.

Memphis millionaire Frederic W. Smith, founded Federal Express.

Ernest Hemingway published his first novel, The Sun Also Rises.

They were all 27 then. 

A week ago, I turned 27, too. I may not be defying gravity like Yuri, nor starting a multi-million company like Mr. Smith, but nothing is stopping me to look back and celebrate the many blessings and accomplishments I've received and done during my 26th year, and more so, to look forward to even greater things happening now that I'm another year wiser. I'm entering the real scary adulthood (ever heard of Saturn Return?) and leaving a youth that I'm more than excited to tell my grand kids. Today is the culmination of repetitive episodes in my childhood day dreams where I see myself as composed, independent, ambitious woman in high heels. 

Today, I'm ever grateful for:

Family always, ALWAYS, comes FIRST. No ifs, no buts. You may lose everything you have, but your family remains. No amount of time, distance or conflicts can ever change the fact that you are your parents' child, your siblings' sister/brother, your grandma's apo, and it is your divine calling to be that. Spend as much time as you can with your family, and learn to forgive. I have yet to master this, but I'll get there. 

Mom and my super adorable nephew, Caleb. Incidentally, he gave way for one very important realization: I'm NOT yet ready to have my own child, very far from it. But honestly, I also think I can be a good mom.

My one and only brother who, contrary to popular belief, is five years older than I! His family is based in UAE so I only get to see them once a year.

Friends. I may only have a handful, but the ones I have are for keeps. These are people who see through my flaws, celebrate my strengths and accept me bare and naked, and I feel the same way about them. As you get older, you'll realize that you don't have all the time in the world, and so whatever little time you have, should only be spent with the right people. Cheers to my old friends, my new friends, and my friends from across the world!

Labski is my best friend from my former corporate world. She's my confidante, my ego booster and the mos loving daughter I know. I draw inspiration from her whenever I feel maldita towards my mama.

My BFF Tara, is no stranger to you. We've been together since HS, and went through the good, the bad, and the ugly together. We can live in different continents and still be close as ever!

My good friend from Malaysia, Ranie. We travel to each others' countries just to spend time together. I recently visited her in Kota Kinabalu, where we celebrated her freedom and singlehood and my 27th birthday.

Angelin and Citra are from Indonesia. I've met them during my regional training in SG last month. We came from the same mother company and we immediately clicked. I'm meeting them in Vietnam next year. :)

Experiences. The reason why I travel a lot, and dream of traveling more, to simply put, is for the experience. Different scenarios, tastes, sounds, smell, feelings, all adds to the overall richness of life. I refuse to sit down and just wing my time on Earth. I vow to experience as many things as I can and make lasting memories out of it.

Business trip in SG last March 
where I met our regional bosses from Edelman

and watched and sang and cried and laughed over the super amazing broadway special, WICKED!

Celebrating my 27th at Sapi Island in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

My birthday month gratitude list may have come traditional, but I'm Filipino like that. Family, friends and life's great experiences are more than what I could ask for at this point. A job that I love and provides for me and my family, of course, and maybe a giant cake from my coolest friends from work!

Shout out to Joyce and Karen for the yummy made-to-order cake from I forgot where in Bel-Air.

Thank you for all the greetings and well-wishes, I'm flooded with all your support and positivity! Cheers to all of us and please rock my 27th with me. :)

From the Nook, 


  1. Happy 27th, Tweenie! You even look younger, di halatang 27 na, I'm pretty sure that is because you are surrounded with wonderful people. Hugs!♥ God Bless you more :)

  2. Thanks, Tweenie! Maybe you're right, and you're one of the wonderful people I know! Stay sweet and super sexy! :) Meet you one day. :)

  3. Happy 27th Dang! I love your OOTD in Sapi, Kota Kinabalu :)

  4. Hi Carmi! Thank you for the
    greeting. :) Appreciate it.

    That dress is actually a steal from an export overrun shop. :) It's even cheaper than the scarf!


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