Review: My Ultimate MedSpa Experience

If you're one of my wonderful followers, you may have noticed that I love going to spas. While I don't document each spa I visit, my usual SNS posts will contain my oft-uttered pleasures: Massage, Facial, Spa, De-stress. When I don't have work on weekends, you'll normally find me wandering the streets of BF Homes or BF Resort (I'm such a South Girl) to get my usual dose of self-pampering. 

When Perps Med Spa contacted me to try their services, I immediately agreed. Not only does it sit right in front of our village gate, the hospital that operates it is truly a familiar one - The Perpetual Help Medical Center Las Pinas. My whole family goes to "Perps" as we fondly call it, for our medical needs. While I'm always open to try new spas available (provided it passed my personal standards in quality and hygiene) it's always good to know that I now have a choice of going to one that is backed up by an established medical institution. 

I tried their Combination Massage, Facial with Collagen mask, Diamond peel, Mesorejuvenation and Ultra Cavitation Treatment. Boy I was pampered like a princess for three solid hours! :)

Perps MedSpa is part of the Wellness Complex of Perpetual Help Medical Center. It's right beside the hospital and is located along Alabang-Zapote Road, Times, Las Pinas City. Sad part is that the facility is blocked by the city overpass, and there were not enough signage or branding outside to drive people to try them out. Working in the Comms/Marketing industry, I told Carlo that they should consider these factors since they have such wonderful facilities and services (and reasonable prices, too), it's a waste for people not to know about them.

Reception Area
Lounge where clients are offered drinks and magazines while waiting


The therapist escorted me to a private massage room. They have solo rooms, couple's rooms and sauna facilities. This is a big plus since not all spas offer this much privacy. Some of the spas I visited only use curtains to separate the massage beds. This is okay, but a solo room is so much better! :)  

My therapist is courteous and very careful, always checking if I'm okay with the pressure of her strokes. With dimmed lights and peaceful ambiance, I dozed off several times. I hope I didn't snore, though! Their massages start at Php 300 only.

Fresh towels and robes and clean smelling room
Private Sauna facility


My favorite among the services I tried. First, I'm so glad to know that all their staff are registered nurses, except for the massage therapists. Second, the nurse who did my facial, Nurse Mawen, is super nice and pleasant. We managed to become friends in a matter of minutes. She's also very skilled and explained to me my skin condition, how best to care for it and so on. I'm so happy with her that I purchased three facial sessions which I can redeem in the coming months. Their facial cleaning with mask starts at Php 300 only.

Diamond Peel exfoliates dead skin to reveal fairer, younger looking one
Collagen Mask to tighten my skin and refine my pores. Mawen also applied concentrated Vitamin C (Mesorejuvenation) to nourish and detoxify my skin.


This treatment is meant to reduce water content and sculpt areas such as waist, buttocks, arms and thighs. This is best done with MesoTherapy where the fat cells are targeted, and of course, a healthy diet. I tried Ultra Cavitation before and it worked in both occasions in reducing the appearance of cellulite on my tummy. Just remember that this alone will not entirely change the shape of your body, it's a whole system/process that should be supervised by a licensed doctor. The good thing is that Perps MedSpa has a resident doctor who's also affiliated with The Zen Institute, who can help you step by step. :) She recommended a diet plan for me, too. 

The treatment room where facials and other cosmetic procedures are done
The Ultra Cavitation machine
You'll hear a ringing sound during the procedure, and it's perfectly normal. Make sure to stick with the doctor-approved treatment duration as EXTREME ABUSE of this procedure may cause damage to internal organs. Safety first.
They apply gel on the area before applying circular motion using the machine. Excuse my fatness, please! :D

I'm one happy camper. Their prices are very reasonable and with their facilities and quality of service (only R.N.s can touch your face!), you get the value for your money if not more. I'm coming back soon to get my facial and diamond peel (this time on personal expense) because I really liked their service. When you try Perps MedSpa, look for their Manager, Marge and Nurse Mawen. They are both very nice and pretty, too! :) 

Other services they have are: 

Body scrub, Botox treatment, Dermapoint treatment (which I'm saving up for!), Dermaroller, Face and Body whitening, Gluthathione/Vit C / Placenta IV, IL treatment, Laser hair removal and Laser skin rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy, Mesotherapy for hair, Resolift treatment, Resonax treatment, TCA 15%, UL treatment, Ultralipo treatment, underarm whitening and warts/moles/syringoma removal.
For inquiries and appointments, please contact Perps Med Spa at 874-8515 loc 724

PS: Thanks to Carlo of their PR/Marketing Team for inviting me to review Perps MedSpa. All comments and feedback are solely mine. :)

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