What I Learned Today: #1

I'm surrounded by so many brilliant people that I pick up something new everyday. While I do keep notes of the advices I get - solicited or not - it's a waste not to share these pockets of sunshine to other people, whom you'd be surprised, need it the most. Hence, I'm starting my What I Learned Today series in this blog which simply aims to share the good, the bad and the weird teachings I encounter daily. Quick and fuss-free.

Ironically, this came from my former boss (who should be driving me to work more! LOL) while we were going through my Performance Appraisal session. When she asked me for feedback, I told her that I'm perfectly fine except for the fact that the past 6 months have been really tiring exhausting, I feel like I need a break from working 7 days a week. She then reminded me that no one is pushing me to do so, and how wrong it is to log in and check my emails even on weekends. The original plan to scan through your work mails will eventually lead to answering emails and doing work on weekends. The only difference is you work at the comfort of your own bed. You rest your body but not your mind. It's a vicious cycle, and it can get the better of you. I'm then more surprised to be lectured of how resting one day a week is actually a command from the Lord, and putting yourself through 7-day work is not only physical abuse but a sin more than anything else. Trust me, she knows the bible. 

So yeah, another lesson learned. My resolution? I'll finish everything by Friday, and I won't touch my work laptop on Sundays, at the very least. If I'll truly want it, then I can do it.

How about you, do you get at least a day off to rest? Please say yes. :)


  1. lucky you, you have a good boss :)

  2. Hi itssheee: I'm lucky indeed to be surrounded by wonderful people at work. :) Thank you.


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