Review: Spa Friday at SeriAsia

The stars aligned themselves for me last Friday. Thanks to my ever supportive boss, J, and teammate, P, this girl was able to take a day off to get a well-deserved massage at SeriAsia in Alphaland Mall, Makati. It was supposed to be just myself, but I have more than enough vouchers so I tagged along my BF and we decided to make it a "make-it-up to your mom Friday". Both of us have this unique love-hate relationship with our mothers, but we love them dearly anyways (I hope the feeling is mutual!). =D 

So here's a mini review of my latest spa indulgence. Hurray for massage, moms and Fridays! 

Reception area

The massage room with bright orange curtains and matching lanterns

Little did I know that SeriAsia also offers a variety of products, from thermal oils to supplements and even coffee!

Sans makeup and so ready to get an hour of  "deads to the world" 

  • Friendly, patient staff. I called to reserve and called at least four times more because I kept on changing my mind. Rose, the manager, was so patient with me, constantly texting me to confirm and remind. I don't think I'll be as patient with me if I were in her shoes!
  • House Oils. SeriAsia only uses their house oils which are developed and patented for them. Goodbye to generic Eucalyptus of Lavander essence that you can easily get in the groceries. I love their thermal or self-heating oil for the whole body, and even more their vital oil, the aromatic oil they use for the face. It smells like fresh greenfields, wood and mint. Heaven!
  • Clean, fresh-smelling linens. Seriously, I enjoyed digging my face into the massage bed and just thought of chocolates, wines and apples. =)
  • Massage. We all got the Water Element Massage, which is their version of Swedish. It was good and holistic and lasted well more than an hour. I slipped in and out of dreamland under the therapist's expert hands. Not the best I've ever had, but one of the really good ones.
  • Coffee, tea or wheatgrass? After the massage, we were offered to stay a bit more and enjoy their very own coffee, tea and wheatgrass. I love it that everything they use in SeriAsia are exclusively theirs. It makes the experience more unique and special and sets them apart from spa houses that grows everywhere. 

  • Location. Sadly, the Alphaland Mall in Makati is very inconvenient for people bringing their own cars. You have to take a u-turn in EDSA to get to Pasong Tamo where their parking entrance is. We were caught in traffic for more than an hour. Commuters on the other hand should be very pleased because Alphaland is connected to the MRT station. I think I should try their branch in SummitRidge, Tagaytay next time. =) 
  • They can really use more space. The massage rooms are a little too small, divided only by thick curtains. I have personal space issues, and so this is quite a concern. 
  • Because rooms were only divided by curtains, we can hear conversations in the reception area. A big No No for Spa. 

It was generally a pleasant experience sans the noise. But my mom liked their massage so it's still a win. I'm really keen on trying out their Summit Ridge branch when I go to Tagaytay, but mind that their prices there are also doubled. 

Here are their price list for the Alphaland branch and for more information, please visit their website:

Have you tried SeriAsia? How was your experience with them? 

PS: Big thanks to the very nice and pretty lady, Ms. Valerie Tan, I won the vouchers from her FB page. Follow her also on twitter: @missvalerietan

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