What I Learned Today #4

Sure it is. You can make coffee and not drink it, cook pancakes and go for cereals, or change your serious trousers to puffy skirt right before you leave your house. It's okay. It's legal. Changing your mind is not infringement, it's not a sin, nor a sign of weak character. It should not mean amending a bad decision - who's there to tell it's bad at all? You can change your mind, and recalibrate your plans. It's like getting from a point of having a good decision, to an even better, more explosive one. You don't fear change, you challenge it, you conquer it. You adapt as necessary. And if you don't fit the bill, by all means, create your own.That's what separates good people from legendary ones.

I changed my mind numerous times today, I drove 15 minutes to get a sundae, but decided I'd go for flavored yoghurt. I planned to drown in a cocktail of my own thoughts and Arctic Melon but and here I am, sober, typing in haste for a book I'm yet to finish. 

I've made bold plans and changed my mind, and that's perfectly okay.