Love at First Sight and How I Manage Impulsive Buying

 She's adorable, isn't she? =D

Adidas Vanquish 6 Women's Running Shoes Size 8.5 US

 From Adidas Philippines Website:

Vanquish 6 Shoes 
Every step of every run, our women's Adidas Vanquish 6 running shoes  keep your  feet aerated  with breathable air mesh  uppers. Meanwhile, the shoes' anatomically moulded EVA insole and lightstrike midsole keep you going strong with high-impact  road-ready cushioning. 

If  my soiled and worn-out Dunlop rubber shoes can speak, it will probably beg me to put her to sleep. For one, she has served me for five long years, and two, can you believe I bought her for only 80 RM or just a little over a thousand Pesos? That's a sounding bang for the buck! So when I saw this hot pink Adidas running shoes in Toby's window display, with a price off to boot, I was mesmerized and immediately checked it out. Sadly, even with the discount, my wallet disagreed and so I did the most painful of all - let go

I've been mastering this discipline of managing impulsive buying for a few months now. I'm no goody-two-shoes, and I've had my share of mind blowing credit card bills coming to the post one after the other, and naturally took its toll on my finances. I finally vowed to buy only what I need, while my wants can wait until my paycheck can comfortably accommodate.

So, how do I manage Impulsive Shopping? Here are my personal tips, that I hope you find useful.

  • Ask yourself if you NEED it, and if you need it NOW. I have this bad habit of hoarding things I like - makeup, toiletries, even perfumes. More than once, I discarded expired products which is a total waste of hard-earned moolah. Buy only what you think you will use now or in the very near future. Same goes with vouchers (how many times did you have to give out your vouchers, or find yourself looking at a bunch of expired ones? There, I see a lot of raised hands.) 
  • Sleep on it. I particularly like this technique. If I see something I like,  I try to ignore it and tell myself to go back another day. If I sleep on it, and forget about it, then that's it - forgettable.

  • Look Forward. Imagine the things you can have in the long run if you don't buy that bag, designer shoes or iPhone 5 today. Looking forward to a luxurious Europe vacation, new car or your very own condo unit next year (or in the next few years) will make letting go less painful. After all, do you really NEED another bag today?
I would have written avoid malls, but that will be really sad, bordering on torture. Just a little practice of self control, and malling can actually be fun without always breaking the bank. 

But hurray! With a little serendipity, and a few weeks after, I spotted the same hotness still available. I walked in, asked for my size, and as they say, the rest is a blissful history. It must really meant to be mine. After all, I need it now, slept on it (for three long weeks!) and still want it, and with a quality like that of Adidas, it will sure run a long way (no pun intended).

Happy Monday! :) 

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  1. sometimes I use the "Reward me later" technique. If I spotted something I really like and don't have the budget for it, I put it on my wish list . Then I'd head over to conquer something in my to do list--like freelance job on weekends, finish a mean deliverable that requires sleepless nights, or overcome a stressful week. once I've done it successfully then I reward myself something from the wishlist. then there's less guilt to buy something really pricey :D

  2. That's a good tip, Keanne. Great as motivation to always do good or better. But I fear that super hardworking girls like you will now have all the reasons to buy! Haha. :D


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