Review: Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush

Contrary to what my friends think, I'm not excited to do makeup everyday. It's still much more of a necessity on top of my love for anything beautiful, and it can be tiring sometimes. Truth be told, my skin is far from perfect, so I can't pull off a naked face at work and that's when makeup comes in handy. But do we really have to spend most of our morning to do makeup? Of course not. Women nowadays are amazingly double or triple hatting roles everyday. Work, friends, family, me time, even social networks leave our calendars full to the brim that spending an hour doing makeup everyday is no longer practical.

You may remember my post about how I do my makeup in 10 minutes, and the first and probably the most important step is applying foundation (and concealer if necessary). This is always crucial for me, as applying foundation hides imperfections, improve skin appearance and set a clean canvass for the rest of your makeup. To get a flawless base, make sure to use the correct foundation shade (yes, there's a reason why there are testers) and use correct makeup tools. Fingers can suffice sometimes, but brushes can make a lot of difference, and is a lot less messy. 

Speaking of applying foundation perfectly, the Charm Travel Pointed Foundation brush, I have to say, is really worth while. It may look unassuming, but it delivers its promises, and that's what's important. It's designed to be used to blend cream/liquid products to achieve a flawless finish. It also has a gently tapered tip that allows precision on targeted areas - sides of the nose, corners of the mouth, under the eye or just about any folds and corners that a regular foundation flat brush may miss.

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My two cents worth:

  • It's vegan. Yay for animal lovers like me. :) 
  • Size is perfect for my hand, not too long nor too short. Diameter is just right, too. Slipping is not a problem.
  • Brush is dense, and the white tip shows how much product you have on the brush
  • Versatility. The tapered end is perfect to reach corners of my nose, and some fine laugh lines around my mouth. I use it to apply concealer under my eyes, I even use it to apply cream highlighters under my brows.
  • No funky smell, no bleeding and no shedding at all
  • Handy and blends perfectly with my Charm Holiday set (my first love!) 
  • Reasonably priced at Php 399.00 
  • Available online and in some leading malls. Check out exact locations by visiting their website HERE 

See how it fits my hand? Like a glove!

If there's anything I don't fancy much about this brush is that it's baby pink, which I'm not very much into. But color is just a preference, and I'm among the very few girls who's not into baby pink anyways. I love their Travel Pro V3 in HOT PINK better. 

 Charm Brushes are worth the money, my first set is almost four years old and is still in very good condition. I hope you are also aware that they recently launched another mind-blowing brush set in fierce animal print, and darn, it's calling my name!  

Limited edition Charm SONIA brush set is primal, unadulterated LOVE!

Makeup noobs, experts or not, Charm offers a wide variety of brushes that deliver. They constantly reinvent their products and more importantly, Charm is proudly Filipino and world-class. 

To know more about their products, visit

Happy Tuesday, and praying that Wednesday will be good to us! :)

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  1. Hi! I have one just like this. It's really a great brush; however, when I cleaned it using MAC brush cleaner, it has become stiff and not as soft as it used to be. Did it happen to your brush too?

  2. @dreamsandsunbeams: Hi, Jenny! First of all, congratulations to you and your hubby! :)

    On to your question, I've washed my brush several times, though not with Mac cleanser, and it's still as soft as ever. I use Venus & Mars brush soak or any baby shampoo. Maybe you can try that and see if it can solve the problem. :)

  3. Thank you! :) I'll try that, I hope it works! :D


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