Gratitude List: A Second Lease in Life


"God is so good. HE points us to the right direction, gives us the right people, blesses us with courage unimaginable and the capacity to love like you've never imagined." 

I restrained myself from posting about what happened to my father until today. My father had a job-related accident in KSA, and stayed in the ICU unconscious for probably the three longest weeks of my life. I got the call from my brother in Dubai while attending the Belle De Jour Fair (how ironic!) I rushed home to break the sad news to my mom.

"He is in the ICU"

Head concussion. Chest trauma. Multiple tubes. Blood. Drain. Unconscious. ICU.

Everything went blurry. We have no one to call and didn't hear any news about his condition for more than 24 hours. I was a mess with swollen eyes and hoarse voice from hours and hours of stress, crying and guilt. Aside from the fact that my father could have been gone, what hurt me the most is the fact that he could have gone without forgiving me at all. How could I not talk to my dad for almost two years? We've had our differences of course, but two years? I am the worst child. 

Mustering my strength and faith, I turned to God and dared to ask for one more lease in life for my father. I can give up anything at that point. My career, my health, my one hell of a pride, my life. But God is truly a merciful One. Despite my shortcomings, He listened.

He surrounded us with good people; people I know, people I rarely know and some I've never known until now. Each one offering prayers for my dad, OFWs looking after him in the hospital and tirelessly updating us through calls and Facebook. Former neighbors who now reside in KSA trying to get to his location for us. Each one served as our anchors of hope, pockets of light during the darkest days in my family. He listened, and He responded.

My father is finally out of the ICU, he is still in the hospital and has to undergo therapy sessions but I know he can make it. He's a fighter. And boy I know now where I got my kind of spirit! 

I was able to speak to him again last night after two long years! His voice sounded like heaven. My dad will come home 100%. Little by little. Day by day. I'm claiming it from the Lord. 

To my family, friends and even those stranger to us, thank you for all your prayers. You did not only help us beg for father's second life, but you also gave me a second chance to be a better child. 


  1. So glad your dad's doing well. And you're wrong, you're not a bad daughter at all. Hugs!

  2. Hi Jill, thank you so much! I just felt really bad, I'm so tough and stubborn :( I realized how much we should value our time with our parents despite our differences. Hugging you back! :)

  3. Oh, Dang. I didn't know your dad wasn't with you while he was sick.

    Good to know that he's recovering well. Will keep praying.

  4. @Dea: Yeah, and worst, 2 years na not in speaking terms. I feel so bad. :( Time to dump the pride and pick up the pieces. Thank you for your prayers and concern. Hugs to you and peanut!


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