What I Learned Today #5

I'm not very proud to say this, but I don't think I'm the nicest person you'll meet. In my family runs some crazy genes that flares my temper quickly and prevents me from tolerating offenses or mediocrity. Let's just say I stand my ground all the time. You'll have a good time listening to my amazona stories. I've had war episodes with taxi drivers, guards, parking attendants, telecom CSRs, store managers. One time, I fought with a whole waray clan in a beach in Batangas. Again, please know that I'm not very proud, and I try my best to be diplomatic as much as I can. I believe in making a point without use of profanity.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a beloved blogger and friend (hello, Shen!) in Bonifacio Global City. Maybe its because of the season, or the wonderful Christmas lights in Ayala/BGC, or maybe it's the bonus (yay!) but I'm in extra giddy mood yesterday. Therefore, I was also extra nice and kind and friendly. I was smiling all the time! Then I noticed that the people I met were also extra nice and polite. The cab driver from Makati to Fort was a gentle, soft spoken old man, the Starbucks attendant was genuinely interested in getting my name correctly, the cab driver from Fort to Makati was a young car freak who told me proud stories about his fuel-efficient Hyundai Accent. The driver of the shuttle going home made extra effort to avoid the traffic, my usually snob neighbor greeted me by name! My gosh, what's happening to the world? 

Then I realized, it's not them. It's me. I was extra kind, and extra friendly (than usual) and I was probably smiling 90% of the time, and therefore, it created an inevitable chain reaction of kindness and positivity. Sometimes, we're too occupied thinking of what's wrong with other people, but what we don't realize is that humans are interactive beings, we're connected in many ways, and therefore, your actions will somehow determine and affect other people's reaction. 

So, what did I learn today? It doesn't hurt to be extra patient and extra nice to everyone, because more likely, they will return the favor and treat you nicely as well. Or at the very least politely. I mean how many percent of the population are evil enough to repay kindness with animosity? I'm sure there will be some, but they are insignificant. So treat everyone (drivers, service crew, bathroom attendants, CSRs, I mean EVERYONE) with respect, kindness and patience, and they will be good to you, too. And if not, then it's no longer your problem; it's their character being tested, not yours. 

From the Nook,