EASTER: New Beginnings

That's what Lent and Easter is all about if you ask me. We don't get to stay home and skip work for nothing. The season calls for us to recall how we've been blessed, recalibrate our lives and eventually decide where we want to go - with hopeful hearts and promise of new beginnings. 

It doesn't matter where we've been, the dark places hardly count now. The uncertainties of future shouldn't shun us, but rather boost our appetite for a good life to live. May we all be free from worries, fears and distrust

Happy Easter to all! :)

Much love from the Nook,


  1. I agree, this is the best time to reflect about our lives and how lucky we are to be able to experience LIFE in this gorgeous world! miss you and belated Happy Easter!

  2. You are a walking happiness, Nikki! :) I miss you also. Please invite us to see little AMW! :) Lapit na!


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