What I Learned Today: #projectsimplify

 The thing I like most about using a Belle De Jour planner, is how it makes every girl feel inspired in whatever they do. Some are quick to pass judgment of such planners being too fancy or fad. I beg to disagree. While it's true in my case that Belle De Jour cannot ever play the part of a hardcore work planner (I have too much to jot down and it's beautifully distracting for client meetings!), I have to commend that BDJ plays a big part on how organized, passionate and every bit girl-like I live my life. From all sorts of trackers - cash inflow, bills, menstrual - to dream boards and priority lists which I happily fill in every night, to being a source of beautiful messages and inspirations, I can't deny that I really caught the BDJ bug!

Today, BDJ once again reminded me of something I already know but somehow always forget: SIMPLIFY

A lot of times, we get caught in tablet-age problems that clutter our world with unnecessary things, people and relationships. We end up with a world brimming with everything we thought we needed and wanted. We forget to know the basics. We forget to appreciate true blessings. We think simple is lacking. We equate more to happiness. We fail to take a break. We end up full yet feeling empty, brimming with baggage and commitments and worldly possessions we didn't want anyway. I'm not one to say that I don't fall prey to many of these things; I fail to admit it all the time but I'm an ambitious girl who often lacks patience or sometimes fall short on faith. I'm a victim too.

But I, like anyone else, can always hit the restart button. We can always go back to the basics and learn to breathe and be happy again for the right reasons. We can declutter our lives and ask, and strive for the right things. We can be simple and yet ridiculously blessed --- physically and spiritually. And you don't have to overthink and complicate things. You can start making it happen today. I call it #projectsimplify.

  • Share what you have
  • Eliminate what you don't need
  • Commit only to things you're passionate about
  • Don't let anyone boss you around
  • Don't rush eating
  • Spend time with people who truly matters 
  • Stop living online 24/7 - learn to DISCONNECT sometimes
  • Don't go to events and parties only because you feel entitled
  • Don't ever attempt to please the world

Have a blessed Sunday!

From the Nook,


  1. Yay! I love this post, Dang! Going back to the basics-- ftw! Couldn't agree more. :)

  2. Hi Khristine! Thanks, glad you liked this post. I think we really get wake-up calls from time to time. I felt great after I did some "elimination" in my life. :)


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